The Purpose of W Is for Website

What is W Is for Website?

The Purpose of W Is for Website is to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive educational lists on the internet. We focus on lists that are appropriate for children in preschool and kindergarten. Maybe you're a parent who needs ideas for show and tell. Maybe your child is learning to read and spell. Or, maybe you're a teacher putting together lesson plans. Whatever your need, keep coming back to W Is for Website. We have you covered.

Why Trust Us?

We are founder-led. Our founder has been publishing online since 2013. We are a US-based company writing for a primarily US audience. We cite our sources. We focus solely on practical vocabulary -- this helps ensure we remain experts on the topic and not lose focus. We constantly update our posts to ensure they remain the best on their topic on the internet. Advertisers have no influence on our content -- they aren't even aware of where their ads will be placed. No party can post on our website besides our editorial team.

Our Team

W Is for Website is staffed by a team of professional writers and editors. W Is for Website is owned by More Holdings LLC. More Holdings LLC is a Texas-based company that operates at: More Holdings LLC 2626 Throckmorton St, #1333 Dallas, TX 75219

Our Team

W Is for Website is staffed by a team of professional writers and editors. Here is our leadership:

William Lipovsky

William began writing online back in 2013. He has been published, featured, and quoted in publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Business Insider.

He is extremely dedicated to making sure your experience on WIFW is as amazing and as educational as possible. William is CEO, editor in chief, founder, and owner of W Is for Website.

Lindsey Desmet

Lindsey has a master's degree in library and information science, a graduate certificate in information management, and a bachelor's degree in liberal studies.

As a contributor and editor at W Is for Website, Lindsey has developed articles ranging from creative names for things like castles and boats to comprehensive lists of items starting with particular letters.

Her love of words began as a child after spending numerous afternoons at the local public library with her mom and sister. She can almost always be found carrying a book.

Lindsey is passionate about communication and connecting people with the information they need.

Her writing has been published in First Quarter Finance (where she also serves as the Managing Editor), The Michigan Journal, and