Top 57 Biblical/Christian House Names (In English + With Meanings)

Bible open to the book of Genesis

The Bible makes reference to many places, including houses — from the dwellings of Biblical figures to houses of worship.

We list more than 50 Biblical house names below.

  1. Sanctuary:
    place of safety
  2. Temple:
    dwelling place
  3. Gihon:
    Biblical valley of grace
  4. Refuge:
    safe place
  5. Oasis:
    peaceful place
  6. Dalphon:
    Biblical house of caves
  7. Shelter:
  8. Hideaway:
    a hiding place
  9. Beth-Haccerem:
    the Biblical house of the vineyard
  10. Shrine:
  11. Habitation:
    a place to live
  12. Darda:
    the Biblical home of knowledge
  13. Tabernacle:
    meeting place
  14. Chapel:
    a small place of worship
  15. Beth-Haran:
    Biblical house of grace
  16. Haven:
  17. Beth-Meon:
    Biblical dwelling place
  18. Retreat:
    place of rest
  19. Bethlehem:
    Biblical house of bread
  20. Paradise:
    ultimate home
  21. Heaven:
    God’s home
  22. Bethel:
    Biblical house of God
  23. Dwelling:
  24. Mansion:
    extravagant home
  25. Bethshan:
    the Biblical house of ivory
  26. Promised Land:
    given by God
  27. Utopia:
  28. Arcadia:
  29. Zion:
    heavenly kingdom
  30. Bethany:
    Biblical house of song
  31. Eden:
    garden paradise
  32. Domain:
    a home
  33. Elonbethhanon:
    Bibilical house of mercy
  34. Realm:
    where you reside
  35. Beth-Dagon:
    Biblical house of corn or fish
  36. Territory:
    your area
  37. Bethabara:
    Biblical house of confidence
  38. Zone:
    place or land with a particular purpose
  39. Tract:
  40. Beth-Aven:
    Biblical house of vanity/trouble
  41. Abode:
    a home
  42. Beth-Barah:
    the chosen house
  43. Accommodation:
  44. Beth-Rapha:
    Biblical house of health
  45. House of God:
    a church
  46. Church:
    place of worship
  47. Kirk:
    another name for church
  48. Bajith:
    Biblical word for house
  49. Beth-Gader:
    Biblical house for a mouse
  50. Bethesda:
    Biblical house of mercy
  51. Gehazi:
    Biblical valley of sight
  52. Darah:
    Biblical house of the companion
  53. Tent:
    portable shelter
  54. Camp:
    temporary accommodations
  55. Garrison:
  56. Beth-Shemesh:
    Biblical house of the sun
  57. Beth-Car:
    Biblical house of the lamb

How to Find More Biblical House Names

To create our list, we identified as many “house names” as we could find in the Bible — but you can create other Biblically-inspired house names if you’d like an option that is a bit less literal.

Get inspiration from aspects like Biblical figures (the Apostles, Abraham, the Tribes of Israel, etc.), stories (Noah’s Ark or the Garden of Eden), or holy places (Bethlehem, Cana, etc.).

You can combine words from one or more of the categories above, as well as those in our list, to create a name.

For example, combine the Biblical figures of the Apostles with a word from our list, like “Apostles’ Camp” or “Apostles’ Realm.”