Editorial Policy

W Is for Website is dedicated to providing the highest-quality and most comprehensive educational lists on the internet. The following guidelines are designed to keep us accountable to you and to our profession.


Our goal is to consistently provide you with the best educational lists available. We strive to make our content as reader-friendly and family-friendly as possible by including definitions for complex terms and organizing our lists into easy-to-browse groups.

A staff of editors maintains our live content, working to keep the information current and complete. We employ professional writers and editors with varied backgrounds to help bring you the best quality, most reliable information.


A team of editors reviews our content not only for grammar, spelling, style, and formatting but also for completeness. Questions our editors ask themselves include:

Is this list missing any important elements?
Are all of the items on this list relevant to our readers?
Is this list appropriate for readers of all ages?

While we strive to provide lists that are as complete as possible, our lists are also focused and specific. We do not add unreasonable or off-topic items to our lists in order to make them appear longer. Additionally, our lists also do not include any questionable or offensive content.


Advertisers have no influence on our content. We do not accept guest posts or sponsored posts. Our qualified team of writers and editors creates all of our content. This ensures that you get the information you need from our lists, with no hidden agendas. You can find out more about our relationship with advertisers in our Terms of Use.


We value feedback from our readers and take it very seriously. If an article doesn’t answer your question or needs an update, contact us. We typically address reader concerns within 48 hours.

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