Top 17 Love Words That Start With Y (With Explanations & Quotes)

Young, loving family smiling and hugging on a couch

Below, we list both “Y” words that can be used to describe someone you love and “Y” words that relate to love more generally. We include definitions for each word to explain how they relate to love.

Scroll past the list for our featured quotes about love that use these “Y” words!

“Y” Words To Describe Someone You Love

  1. Yearning:
    meaning that the person is longing for you
  2. Youthful:
    feeling young because of love
  3. Yummy:
    a way of saying that you find someone attractive
  4. Young:
    referring to your “young love” as a teenager, or a significant other who is younger than you
  5. Yielding:
  6. Yuppie:
    young and fashionable
  7. Yeatsian:
    a fan of Yeats’ poetry

Other “Y” Love Words

  1. Yin & Yang:
    in harmony
  2. Yearning:
    having an intense longing for someone you love
  3. Yoke:
    refers to a connection between two people and overcoming challenges together
  4. Yes:
    answer to a proposal
  5. You:
    your significant other
  6. Yours:
    a feeling of belonging with the other person
  7. Yahoo:
    expression of excitement
  8. Yippee:
    feeling elated about love
  9. Yay:
    expression of happiness
  10. Yet:
    alluding to the fact that you will find love some day

Quotes Using the “Y” Love Words

The following quotes relate to love and use some of the love words that start with Y in our list above:

  • “I was not yet in love, yet I loved to love… I sought what I might love, in love with loving.” -Saint Augustine of Hippo
  • “The longing for sweets is really a yearning for love or ‘sweetness.'” -Marion Woodman
  • “Truly, love is delightful and pleasant food, supplying, as it does, rest to the weary, strength to the weak, and joy to the sorrowful. It in fact renders the yoke of truth easy and its burden light.” -Saint Bernard
  • “And I promise you, kid, I’ll give you so much more than I get… I just haven’t met you yet!” -Michael Buble