Star Stable Club Names & Horse Names: 45 Options for Each

Star Stable allows you to not only name and take care of a virtual horse, but also create your own riding clubs.

When naming your horse or your club, Star Stable provides lists of words to choose from — three words for clubs and two words for horses.

You can choose any combination of words to create your name; we’ve compiled the best options below.

We also provide tips for selecting the very best name for your club and horse!

Club Names

  1. Fairy Feathers Society
  2. Equestrian Dreamers Union
  3. Glitter Hooves United
  4. Shadow Stars Patrol
  5. Diamond Cowgirls Inc.
  6. Cat Bubbles Collective
  7. Fairy Flowers Alliance
  8. Enchanted Friends United
  9. Fall Foals Friends
  10. Thunder Wolves Army
  11. Moon Protectors Sisterhood
  12. Electric Hooves Legion
  13. Dizzy Dragonflies Riders
  14. Emo Enigmas Unit
  15. Lucky Riders Squad
  16. Emerald Riders Nation
  17. Atomic Ponies Association
  18. Omega Tide Alliance
  19. Brave Runners Clan
  20. Turbo Zebras Society
  21. Alternative Butterflies Division
  22. Ocean Riders Tribe
  23. Om nom nom Rush Bunch
  24. Brave Agents Gang
  25. Curious Dreamers Squad
  26. Glamorous Mountain Girls
  27. Flower Sisters Society
  28. Invincible Supernovas Generation
  29. Dizzy Whisperers Nation
  30. Alpha Ladies Guild
  31. Cute Rainbows Crew
  32. Bunny Circus Society
  33. Dynamic Dancers Patrol
  34. East Dragonflies Association
  35. Brave Town Travellers
  36. Turbo Vampires Legacy
  37. Zany Zebras United
  38. Winery Witches Union
  39. Doom Town Tribe
  40. Freedom Ghosts Generation
  41. Wealthy Werewolves Inc.
  42. Mega Progress Company
  43. Chinchilla Babies Pack
  44. Lucky Mermaids Allstars
  45. Sky Wings Community

Star Stable Horse Names

  1. Wind Anthem
  2. Twinkle Dust
  3. Blue Blossom
  4. Lucky Moon
  5. Onyx Queen
  6. Posh Potential
  7. Solo Spirit
  8. Thunder Weaver
  9. Violet Wish
  10. Wonder Gazer
  11. Echo Anthem
  12. Twilight Wind
  13. Fortune Girl
  14. Sea Spell
  15. Amethyst Destiny
  16. Desert Dragon
  17. Pixel Racer
  18. Ace Angel
  19. Tiger Willow
  20. Wonder Walker
  21. Trouble Weaver
  22. Wild Time
  23. Spring Surprise
  24. Phantom Rebel
  25. Storm Torch
  26. Opal Princess
  27. Mist Jumper
  28. Hero Hurricane
  29. Flutter Heart
  30. Extra Dream
  31. Coffee Chaser
  32. Autumn Belle
  33. Chunky Chunk
  34. Echo Force
  35. Coral Effect
  36. Glitter Hunter
  37. Cinder Beam
  38. Ash Bullet
  39. Chaos Anthem
  40. Silent Wish
  41. Cinnamon Dust
  42. Emerald Fire
  43. Ninja Moon
  44. Phantom Rambler
  45. Royal Spirit

Tips for Choosing Your Club Name or Horse Name

While Star Stable offers a limited number of name options rather than giving you the total creative freedom to enter any name you want, it’s still possible to create an excellent name for your horse or club!

If you don’t want to choose from our list above or aren’t sure which name you like best, keep the following tips in mind when selecting your name:

  • Say the full name out loud. If you hear the name, you can really determine whether it sounds good and whether you like it. For example, a club name like “Alpha Ambassadors Association” may seem cool on paper (since each letter begins with “A” and it sounds very official), but after saying it out loud, you might find it too long or difficult to say.
  • Consider the name’s initials. What will the club or horse’s initials be? You might want to match the letters to your own initials, spell out another word (like “ALL” — “Alpha Lions Lodge”), or think of how the initials would look in a monogram or logo.
  • If all else fails, randomize! Pick out words from the lists with your eyes closed, or write down potential names and draw them from a hat. This can make picking the name more fun and can provide some unexpected combinations you wouldn’t have considered while browsing the lists!

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