Top 67 Cool Clubhouse Names (+ How to Create Your Own)

Group of friends playing a game together

Whether you need a name for your local or backyard clubhouse or a clubhouse in a video game, we have more than 60 cool name ideas below.

Get inspiration from our list or create your own; scroll below our list for tips to come up with a unique name!

  1. The Haven
  2. Posse Place
  3. The Hidey Hole
  4. The Oasis
  5. The Fox Hole
  6. Brushwood Haven
  7. Rabbit’s Den
  8. Diamond Burrow
  9. Retreat From Chaos
  10. Starlight Escape
  11. The Hangout
  12. Celestial Abyss
  13. The Lodge
  14. The Night Haunt
  15. Hallowed Hideaway
  16. Emerald Haven
  17. Sisterhood Sanctuary
  18. Covert Operations
  19. Brotherhood Base
  20. The Serpent Den
  21. Cave at Dusk
  22. The Arctic Lair
  23. Storm Watch Hideaway
  24. Hidden Sanctuary
  25. The Safe Haven
  26. The Infinity Den
  27. In the Thicket
  28. The Meetinghouse
  29. Woodland Escape
  30. Sapphire Underground
  31. Jungle Odyssey
  32. Vortex Verdure
  33. Haunted Sanctum
  34. Covert Exile
  35. The Jade Escape
  36. Vagabond Hideout
  37. Sanctum of Silence
  38. Raven’s Nest
  39. Falcon’s Lair
  40. The Abyss
  41. Crimson Haven
  42. Division Crevasse
  43. Schism Sanctuary
  44. Twilight Hideaway
  45. Requiem Rest
  46. Quill Quarters
  47. Zephyr’s Dwelling
  48. Dragon Domicile
  49. Cave in the Mist
  50. Renegade Sanctuary
  51. Harvest Moon Hideaway
  52. Where Diablos Dwell
  53. Covert Abyss
  54. Undercover Fury
  55. Storm Cloud Burrow
  56. Midnight Haunt
  57. Sandstorm Den
  58. The Bunny Burrow
  59. Jagged Retreat
  60. Nightfall Harbor
  61. The Dreamer’s Den
  62. Cover & Crooked
  63. The Solar Escape
  64. Chaos Hideaway
  65. The Spirit Oasis
  66. Celestial Shield
  67. The Storm Port

How to Create Your Own Clubhouse Name

Clubhouse names can be funny, simple and cool, or intimidating.

The tone of your clubhouse name will depend on whether your clubhouse is a place for friends, a relaxing hideout, or home to something like a motorcycle club.

On top of that, consider the following tips for creating your own clubhouse name:

  • Take inspiration from nature and animals. Interesting elements of nature, like where animals live, can provide easy inspiration for your clubhouse name. Examples like “The Fox Hole” and “The Raven’s Nest” from our list offer cool names that don’t require much effort to create. To make it more personal, you can choose your favorite animal as inspiration.
  • Take inspiration from mythology. If you aren’t interested in animals, mythological names that reference spirits, fairies, elves, and other creatures can make for cool and mysterious clubhouse names.
  • Choose a two- or three-word name. The most common format for clubhouse names is three words: “The” followed by descriptive word and a synonym for “house” or “club.” Sticking to this format can make it easier to choose a name since it gives you a template to work from. You can leave off “The” if you come up with an idea that works well alone, such as our suggestion of “Brushwood Haven.”