Top 33 Things That Are Yellow and Black (Curated & Ranked)

Yellow and black bumblebee resting on a purple flower

According to color psychology, yellow can be helpful when learning. It grabs attention and stimulates the mind, helping students to stay on task.[1]

Since yellow is the brightest of all the colors and the easiest to see from a distance, it’s often used to indicate caution. This is also why taxis are yellow in many countries.[2][3]

In contrast, black is the darkest color on the spectrum. It’s considered an achromatic color, which means it has no hue.[4]

When used together, black and yellow stand out against their surroundings. This is why they’re often used in cautionary traffic signs and hazardous symbols.

In nature, creatures such as poisonous snakes and frogs have these colors to warn their enemies to stay away.[5]

Below, we have the list of things that are yellow and black. You’ll also find a few basic color psychology associations for common colors following the list.

  1. Bumblebee
  2. Caution tape
  3. Smiley face emoji
  4. Yellowjacket
  5. School bus
  6. Rain boots
  7. Yellow ladybug
  8. Golden poison dart frog
  9. Ripe banana
  10. Hazard sign
  11. Measuring tape
  12. Pikachu:
    Pokemon character
  13. Batman logo
  14. Common seahorse
  15. Banana spider
  16. Chuck:
    an “Angry Birds” movie character
  17. Black-eyed Susan:
    a type of flower
  18. Taxi cab
  19. Radioactive symbol
  20. Eastern tiger swallowtail:
    yellow and black butterfly
  21. Yellow-hooded blackbird
  22. No. 2 Pencil:
    predominantly yellow pencil with a small black “2” on the side
  23. Yellow watermelon:
    on the inside
  24. Lemon pepper seasoning
  25. Mangrove snake
  26. Yellow-bellied sea snake
  27. Yellow highlighter:
    predominantly yellow, but usually has black writing on the side
  28. Hufflepuff attire:
    clothes worn by members of one of the four Hogwarts houses in the “Harry Potter” series
  29. Silver-laced black primrose:
    a type of flower
  30. American Goldfinch
  31. American yellow warbler
  32. Hoverfly
  33. Fire salamander

Key Associations of Colors According to Color Psychology

Color psychology is the study of how individual colors affect humans. They can influence your mood and even how food tastes.[6]

Curious about what’s correlated with each color? Here are some common associations of basic colors:

  • Yellow: creativity, positivity, joy, fun, energy
  • Black: sophistication, luxury, power, mystery, drama
  • Orange: friendliness, courage, warmth, enthusiasm
  • Red: love, strength, ferocity, danger, adventure
  • Pink: sensitivity, care, softness, kindness, playfulness
  • Purple: royalty, imagination, ambition, fantasy
  • Blue: calm, wisdom, trust, dependability, stability
  • Green: nature, luck, health, balance, hope, wealth
  • White: purity, peace, innocence, light, simplicity

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