141 Best Boat Names With Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, etc (Listed by Color)

Gray and white boat on a trailer

Choosing a name for your boat is like choosing a name for your car; you want to find a name that fits the boat and reflects your personal taste, feelings, or likes and dislikes.

Choosing a boat name based on your favorite color or the color of your boat may be just what you had in mind.

See our list of name ideas below and check out our tips after the list for your creating own boat name!


  1. Indigo Horizon
  2. Blue Skies Ahead
  3. Azul Shores:
    “Azul” means blue in Spanish.
  4. Blue Suede Seas:
    inspired by the song “Blue Suede Shoes”
  5. Out of the Blue
  6. Blue Abyss
  7. Blue as Can Be
  8. Turquoise Tranquility
  9. Under the Blue Moon
  10. Cobalt Cruiser
  11. Stars Gone Blue
  12. Bluer Than Blue
  13. Celestial Sapphire
  14. Into the Blue
  15. Cobalt Wanderer
  16. The Ultra Aqua
  17. Ceil Blue Skies
  18. Seafaring Sapphire
  19. Cerulean Metamorphosis
  20. Flash of Azure
  21. Saltwater Cerulean
  22. Indigo Chasm
  23. Cobalt Currant


  1. The Red Bull
  2. Red Galaxy
  3. Crimson Skies
  4. In the Red
  5. Red Light Runner
  6. Crimson Chaos
  7. The Scarlet Seafarer
  8. Claret Waves:
    inspired by the deep red Bordeaux wine
  9. Vivid Cerise
  10. Ruby of the Sea
  11. Sanguine Sails:
    meaning “blood-red sails”
  12. Rufescent Journey
  13. The Cinnabar:
    named after a red mineral
  14. Vermilion Passage
  15. Crimson Itinerary
  16. Little Red Wagon
  17. A Scarlet Odyssey
  18. The Red Rover
  19. Crimson Shadows
  20. One Red Rose
  21. Sailor’s Delight:
    inspired by the phrase, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight”
  22. Always Scarlet
  23. Red Alert
  24. Garnet Glory


  1. Yellow Oasis
  2. Blinding Yellow Light
  3. The Yellow Submarine
  4. Big Yellow Taxi
  5. Mellow Yellow
  6. A Yellowish Hue
  7. Citrine Excursions
  8. Big Yellow Bus
  9. Lemon Enlightenment
  10. Shades of Yellow
  11. Yellow Sunrise
  12. The Golden Ticket
  13. Saffron Skies
  14. Mellow
  15. Sun Glow
  16. Yellow Starlight
  17. Lemonade Dreams
  18. On the Sunny Side
  19. Yellow Sharpie
  20. Sunny Side Up
  21. Chiquita
  22. Maximum Maize
  23. Desert Marigold
  24. Gold Summer Haze
  25. A Sunshine Day


  1. Black Magic
  2. In the Black
  3. Black Tie Required
  4. The Black Shadow
  5. Pitch Black Abyss
  6. The Black Rose
  7. Ebony Odyssey
  8. Caviar
  9. Black Tie Requested
  10. Onyx or Soot?
  11. Wrought Iron Wanderer
  12. Black Ink Shadows
  13. The Raven
  14. The Witching Hour
  15. Nightfall
  16. Black Tie Affair
  17. Fade to Black
  18. Ebony Sunset
  19. Blackbeard’s Ghost
  20. Domino:
    suitable for a black and white boat
  21. The Inkwell
  22. Black of Night
  23. Magic at Midnight


  1. Green With Envy
  2. Green Goddess
  3. Pistachio Please
  4. Shamrock Shores
  5. Maritime Moss
  6. Seaweed Sails
  7. The Sage Seafarer
  8. Jade Journey
  9. Triumph in Teal
  10. Ivy Trails
  11. Sea Green Shadows
  12. Thyme to Sail:
    named after the green herb
  13. Emerald Escapades
  14. Seafoam Spray
  15. Peas in a Pod
  16. Mint Shimmer
  17. The Laudable Lime
  18. Passage in Pine
  19. Key Lime Keel
  20. The Ivy League
  21. Jolly Green Giant
  22. Olive’s Odyssey
  23. Grasshopper


  1. The White Tide
  2. White Wanderlust
  3. Mascarpone
  4. Chantilly Lace
  5. White Dove
  6. Snow on the Seas
  7. Alabaster Sails
  8. The Polar Bear
  9. White Sand Shores
  10. An Icy Mist
  11. Snowbound
  12. Cloud Dancer
  13. Pixie Dust
  14. Moonlight White
  15. The White Heron
  16. Paper Mache
  17. Man in the Moon
  18. Creme Fraiche
  19. The First Star
  20. White Diamond
  21. One White Rose
  22. The Ivory Key
  23. Marshmallow Fluff

Tips for Choosing a Great Boat Name

Creating an excellent boat name is as easy as thinking of some of your favorite things:

  • List your favorite colors or shades of your boat’s color (as we did above). A boat name that reflects your favorite color may be right up your alley (or stream). Once you list your favorite colors, branch out to alternate words that mean the same as or describe your favorite shade or the color of your boat. For example, if your favorite color is red or you have a red boat, you can use words like “Ruby” or “Crimson” in your boat name.
  • Use just one word or combine several. If you find lesser-known words that describe your favorite shade, obscure boating terms, or nautical-themed words, a one-word name may work just fine. If not, try using several words in various combinations. Be as humorously and inventively creative as you like.
  • Look up lyrics, books, and quotes for inspiration. Favorite songs, books, and sayings are excellent places to find potential boat names. Instead of using lyrics or quotes as they were written, try switching them around and/or adding or subtracting other lines and words to them for a totally unique-sounding boat name.