Top 63 Funny and Cute Cactus Names

Indoor cactus plants in small white planters in a bedroom

Houseplants have become more and more popular in recent years, and cacti are well-loved by indoor and outdoor plant enthusiasts for their variety and growing characteristics.

While cacti are most associated with desert landscapes, they’re actually native to most of North and South America.

There are even a few types thought to be native to East Africa, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

In fact, there are nearly 2,000 species of cactus on Earth!

Regardless of which type of cactus you have in your plant family, we have over 60 cute and funny cactus name ideas below.

Scroll past the list for tips on choosing the perfect name for your cactus.

  1. Spike:
    reference to the cactus’ spines
  2. Spikasaurus Rex:
    a play on “Tyrannosaurus rex” referencing the cactus’ spines
  3. Prickly Pete
  4. The Unwatered
  5. Porkie:
    short for “porcupine,” which also has spines
  6. Big Green Giant
  7. Eeyore:
    for a burro’s tail cactus, named after Winnie-the-Pooh’s donkey friend
  8. Spike Lee:
    a reference to the notable film director
  9. Cottontail:
    for a bunny ears cactus
  10. Pierce
  11. Barb
  12. Cactina Turner:
    a reference to the famous singer Tina Turner
  13. Katniss:
    “The Hunger Games” character name that sounds somewhat like “cactus”
  14. Needles
  15. Fluffy:
    ironic since cacti have spines
  16. Verde:
    meaning “green”
  17. Seraphim:
    for an angel wing cactus
  18. Prickle Rick:
    a play on Pickle Rick from “Rick and Morty”
  19. Spikey
  20. The Green One
  21. Button:
    for a small plant
  22. Sunny
  23. Thumper:
    for a bunny ears cactus
  24. Gabriel:
    for an angel wing cactus
  25. Cuddles
  26. Merida:
    for a fairy castle cactus; named after the Disney character who lives in a Scottish castle
  27. Vlad the Impaler
  28. Whiskey:
    for a barrel cactus, since whiskey is aged in a barrel
  29. Dandelion
  30. Flora
  31. Snuggles
  32. Snowball:
    for a bunny ears cactus; named after the “Secret Life of Pets” rabbit character
  33. Cherub:
    for a small angel wing cactus
  34. Granny:
    for an old lady cactus (mammillaria hahniana)
  35. Elsa:
    for a fairy castle cactus; named after the Disney character who lives in a snow castle
  36. Tiny
  37. Tiramisu:
    for a ladyfinger cactus; tiramisu is made with ladyfinger sponge cake biscuits
  38. Tony Saguaro:
    a play on Tony Soprano and the saguaro cactus
  39. Sir Stabbington
  40. Tian Tian:
    for a panda cactus; named after the National Zoo’s famous panda
  41. Obi-Wan:
    for a rat tail cactus; Ewan McGregor had a rat tail when playing the “Star Wars” character
  42. Sunshine
  43. Shane the Sharp
  44. Fred
  45. Baby Bulbous:
    for a round-shaped cactus
  46. Marty:
    for a zebra cactus; named for the zebra character in “Madagascar”
  47. Ratatouille:
    for a rat tail cactus
  48. Prickles
  49. Gus
  50. Blossom:
    for a flowering cactus
  51. Sharpie
  52. Greenie
  53. Blue Ivy:
    for a blue column cactus; named after Beyonce’s daughter
  54. Dr. Green Thumb
  55. Potted Pepper
  56. T. Swift:
    for a snake plant; Taylor Swift’s “reputation” album and tour had a snake theme
  57. Mr. Moon:
    for a moon cactus
  58. Old St. Nick:
    for a Christmas cactus
  59. Ms. Prickly
  60. Emerald
  61. Angelica Prickles:
    reference to the “Rugrats” character Angelica Pickles
  62. Pokey
  63. Stabitha

How to Choose the Perfect Cactus Name

Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a cactus name to help you find the perfect option:

  • Decide what type of name you want. Do you prefer old-fashioned names, funny ones, pop culture references, or cute names? Whatever your preference, making this the first step in choosing your cactus name will make it easier for you to narrow down your options.
  • Choose a theme based on your other interests. A movie buff, for example, could name their cacti after famous directors. Someone with interest in fishing could give their plants aquatic-themed names. If you have multiple cacti, choosing a theme will also make it easier to name your whole plant family!
  • Get inspiration from your specific cactus. Great ideas can come from very obvious places, such as the plant’s colors, size, or unique features. For example, a golden barrel cactus with bright yellow spines might fit the name “Sunshine.”
  • Give yourself time. The perfect cactus name won’t always come to you immediately! Take time to choose so you can find a name you truly love.