Top 47 Christmas Phrases & Christmas Words That Start With D

Christmas decorations in a living room

Below, we list nearly 50 Christmas words and phrases that start with the letter D.

Scroll past the list for a cool Christmas craft you can do with your family!

  1. December:
    the month of Christmas
  2. Decorations
  3. Dasher:
    one of Santa’s reindeer
  4. Dancer:
    one of Santa’s reindeer
  5. Donner:
    one of Santa’s reindeer
  6. Deck the Halls:
    traditional Christmas carol
  7. Deer
  8. Down:
    the chimney; how Santa gets into the house
  9. Dash away:
    what Santa tells the reindeer to do in “A Visit From St. Nicholas”
  10. Donations:
    giving to the less fortunate
  11. Drummer boy
  12. Dimples:
    a feature of Santa’s face, according to “A Visit From St. Nicholas”
  13. Dolls
  14. Dominick the Donkey:
    a character from the classic Christmas song of the same name
  15. Drummers drumming:
    referenced in “The Twelve Days of Christmas”
  16. Down:
    fuzzy part of a thistle plant mentioned in “A Visit From St. Nicholas.”
  17. Dressing:
    Christmas dinner side dish
  18. Dashing:
    moving through the snow
  19. Decorate:
    what you do to the tree and your home
  20. Dickens:
    author of A Christmas Carol
  21. Decor
  22. Dinner
  23. Devotions:
    Biblical passages about the meaning of Christmas
  24. Displays:
    decorated store windows
  25. Divine:
    referenced in “O Holy Night”
  26. Doves:
    a symbol of peace
  27. Duck:
    sometimes served at Christmas dinner
  28. Deliveries
  29. Decorate cookies
  30. Door wreath
  31. Deeds:
    good works
  32. Dear Santa letter
  33. Die Hard:
    debatably a Christmas movie
  34. Desserts
  35. Drumstick:
    turkey leg sometimes served at Christmas dinner
  36. Drippings:
    for making gravy
  37. Drinks
  38. Dips:
    served with chips as an appetizer at Christmas dinner
  39. Deli tray:
    common Christmas dinner appetizer
  40. Dulcimer:
    instrument used in some Christmas songs
  41. Donning apparel:
    referenced in “Deck the Halls”
  42. David:
    “City of David” is another name for Bethlehem
  43. Deviled eggs:
    party appetizer
  44. Deo:
    referenced in the Latin hymn “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”
  45. Doxology:
    hymns of praise
  46. Discussion:
    talking about the meaning of Christmas
  47. Decree:
    issued by Caesar Augustus in the Bible’s story of the birth of Jesus

Activity: DIY Decorations

To get your family in the Christmas spirit, it’s fun to create your own DIY decorations!

Design ornaments you can keep for years to come or make temporary decorations to “deck the halls” of your home.

We have a few ideas to get you started below!

  • Pinecone ornaments: Dip pinecones in sparkly paint. After they dry, add a bow and a hanger to the top of each and hang them as ornaments!
  • Candy cane reindeer: Using a thick candy cane, shape antlers out of pipe cleaners, then add two googly eyes and a small red or brown yarn pom-pom for a nose.
  • Wooden spoon snowmen: Paint small, flat wooden ice cream spoons white. Add a face, buttons down the front, and a small strip of fabric for a scarf. Glue string to the back of the spoon for hanging.
  • Star-shaped tree topper: Cut two pieces of felt into star shapes and glue all but the bottom edges together. Add a photo to the middle of the star, plus other embellishments like glitter glue. You can then place the star on top of your Christmas tree!
  • Pipe cleaner snowflakes: Twist pipe cleaners around each other until you have eight arms, connected in the middle. Add blue, white, and silver beads (or other colors, if you prefer!) to create sparkly snowflakes! Add small strings to hang them as ornaments or string several together to use as a garland.