Top 149 Funny & Cool Walkie Talkie Code Names (+ How to Create Your Own)

Close-up of a walkie talkie, or two-way portable radio

Walkie talkie code names trace their origins to the military. Military code names go at least as far back as World War I, when the Allies used code names to reference governments, cities, meeting places, and influential figures.

They’re also inspired by CB radio handles, which emerged when the popularity of the radios exploded in the 1970s.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) required licenses for people to operate radios and set strict regulations for things like antenna height, transmission distance, and call signs.

Radio users weren’t too fond of these rules, so they used code names in part to hide their identities and stay under the FCC’s radar.

As the popularity of these radios continued to grow, movies like “Convoy” and “Smokey and the Bandit” inspired truck drivers, tinkerers, and radio enthusiasts to create handles of their own.

Whether you’re using two-way radios for work, having fun with friends/family, or staying in touch with your fellow adventurers during outdoor excursions, we have more than 100 walkie talkie code name ideas to choose from below!

Plus, scroll past the list for tips on how to create your own code name.

  1. Maverick
  2. Godzilla
  3. Bandit
  4. Gandalf:
    “Lord of the Rings” reference
  5. Batman
  6. King Kong
  7. Warhammer
  8. Badger
  9. Ghost Rider
  10. Hornet
  11. Boss
  12. Thunderbolt
  13. Blondie
  14. Peaches
  15. Navigator
  16. Zombie
  17. Professor
  18. Saint
  19. Candy Cane
  20. Buffalo Bill
  21. Reaper
  22. Big Bird
  23. Voodoo
  24. Goose
  25. Moonchild
  26. Rookie
  27. Blinker
  28. Raptor
  29. Brainiac
  30. Cobra
  31. Yoda:
    “Star Wars” reference
  32. Daffodil
  33. Pebbles
  34. Hero
  35. Blackout
  36. Cave Dog
  37. Taffy
  38. Ice Man
  39. Rocky
  40. Little Lucky
  41. Butcher
  42. Papa Smurf
  43. Chopper
  44. Steam
  45. Mad Max
  46. Pappy
  47. Budget
  48. Lunch Lady
  49. Critter
  50. Hubcap
  51. Pixie
  52. Skywalker:
    “Star Wars” reference
  53. Goody
  54. Snoopy
  55. Chaos
  56. Snowman
  57. Flounder
  58. Bully
  59. Cyclone
  60. Grumble
  61. Banjo
  62. Desert Fox
  63. Phoenix
  64. Captain
  65. Smurfette
  66. T-Rex
  67. Wingnut
  68. Growler
  69. Obi-Wan:
    “Star Wars” reference
  70. Tumbleweed
  71. Buster
  72. Rawhide
  73. McFly:
    “Back to the Future” reference
  74. Halo
  75. Popeye
  76. Dumpling
  77. Bullfrog
  78. Scrappy
  79. Star-Lord:
    “Guardians of the Galaxy” reference
  80. Zig-Zag
  81. Bingo
  82. Gumshoe
  83. Neo:
    “The Matrix” reference
  84. Hooter
  85. Knock-Knock
  86. The Dude:
    “The Big Lebowski” reference
  87. Chowder
  88. Joker
  89. Coleslaw
  90. Maximus:
    “Gladiator” reference
  91. Eyesore
  92. Solo
  93. Groundhog
  94. Snakebite
  95. Woody
  96. Iron Man:
    Marvel reference
  97. Big Bang
  98. Legolas:
    “Lord of the Rings” reference
  99. Howler
  100. Phantom
  101. Bengal:
    as in Bengal tiger
  102. Jawbone
  103. Booger
  104. Groot:
    “Guardians of the Galaxy” reference
  105. Boomer
  106. Vader:
    “Star Wars” reference
  107. Tweety Bird
  108. Gollum:
    “Lord of the Rings” reference
  109. Walker
  110. Rabbit
  111. Desert Flower
  112. Sharky
  113. Landbird
  114. Inbetweener
  115. Porky
  116. Tex Mex
  117. Katniss:
    “The Hunger Games” reference
  118. Wolverine
  119. Locust
  120. Turtle
  121. Ace
  122. Panda
  123. Bueller:
    “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” reference
  124. Toe Jam
  125. Edna Mode:
    “The Incredibles” reference
  126. Road Hog
  127. Sunburn
  128. Baldy
  129. Black Mamba
  130. Cougar
  131. Terminator
  132. Potter:
    “Harry Potter” reference
  133. Spider
  134. Narwhal
  135. Tatochip
  136. Baby Bird
  137. Mantis
  138. Ghoul
  139. Vulture
  140. Twitch
  141. Dragon
  142. Optimus Prime:
    “Transformers” reference
  143. Needlenose
  144. Dirtbike
  145. Mama Bear
  146. Armadillo
  147. Wombat
  148. Ripper
  149. Bilbo:
    “The Hobbit” reference

How to Create Your Own Walkie Talkie Code Name

Keep the following tips in mind if you’d prefer to create your own walkie talkie code name rather than choosing from our list:

  • Choose a two-syllable word or phrase. Your code name doesn’t necessarily have to be two syllables, but words and phrases of that length tend to work well. Your name will be short, catchy, and easy to remember if you limit it to two syllables.
  • Get inspiration from popular culture. Just like the Convoy-inspired CB handles of yesteryear, you can get inspiration from movies, television shows, and songs. You can borrow a code name from a fictional trucker or military service member or create a code name based on your other favorite characters and stories. Examples from our list include “Gandalf” and “Katniss.”
  • Turn to nature for ideas. Animals, in particular, can be great inspiration for code names! Choose your favorite animal, one that has fascinating symbolism, or one that just sounds cool as a code name.
  • Let your friends or colleagues decide. There’s always a risk that you won’t like your nickname if you choose this option, but the best code names are given, not chosen. You’ll see this often in the military — people will receive code names based on one of their defining features or a memorable incident. For example, someone might get the nickname “Tex” for having a thick Texas accent.