Top 61 Positive Words Starting With W (Adjectives, etc)

Letter "W" engraved in concrete

“W” is the twenty-third letter of the alphabet and the only letter pronounced with three syllables.[1]

Its origin can be traced back to Old English when the “W” sound had the symbol “uu” — hence the name, “double-u.”[1]

Over time, the growth of printing technology replaced “uu” with “vv,”[2] which gave the “W” the pointed shape we know today.

In terms of usage, “W” falls in the middle ground. Fifteen letters are more frequently used than “W,” and nine are less regularly used.[3]

Plenty of modern English words begin with “W,” including many positive ones.

Below, we list the positive adjectives you can use to describe people, plus more encouraging and inspirational words that start with “W.”

Adjectives to Describe People

  1. Wise:
    experienced and knowledgable
  2. Witty:
    clever and amusing
  3. Warm-hearted:
  4. Well-spoken:
    refined speaker
  5. Welcoming:
    polite and friendly
  6. Wonderful:
  7. Well-balanced:
  8. Willed:
  9. Whimsical:
    quaint and fanciful
  10. Well-informed:
  11. Wondrous:
  12. Well-adjusted:
  13. Wonderstruck:
    experiencing delight
  14. Wholesome:
  15. Wily:
  16. Winning:
    victorious or endearing
  17. Well-liked:
  18. Well-educated:
    having a high level of education
  19. Willing:
    eager and prepared
  20. Wizardly:
  21. Warm:
    affectionate and kind
  22. Well-traveled:
    visits other places frequently
  23. Watchful:
  24. Well-prepared:
    ready and able to do something
  25. Worldly:
    experienced or sophisticated
  26. Waggish:
    mischievous and playful
  27. Well-read:
    informed by extensive reading
  28. Well-intentioned:
    hopeful or purposeful
  29. Worthy:
    notable or important
  30. Well-behaved:
    acting appropriately
  31. Willowy:
  32. Well-versed:
  33. Winsome:
  34. Wide-eyed:
    innocent or amazed
  35. Wealthy:
    having a lot of assets

Other Positive and Inspirational “W” Words

  1. Well:
  2. Windfall:
    good fortuned
  3. Well-grounded:
    based on solid evidence or reasoning
  4. Win:
    to be victorious
  5. Wordsmith:
    writing expert
  6. Well-known:
  7. Wish:
    to hope for something
  8. Wanted:
  9. Wunderkind:
    young achiever
  10. Wisdom:
    having experience or knowledge
  11. Welcome:
    greeting someone
  12. Willpower:
  13. Wonder:
    feeling of admiration
  14. Whoopee:
    expresses joy
  15. Well-built:
    strong and solidly constructed
  16. Wonderland:
    an exceptionally beautiful place
  17. Wildcard:
  18. World-famous:
    known worldwide
  19. Woo:
    seeking favor
  20. Whimsy:
    fanciful behavior
  21. Winnable:
    able to achieve
  22. Wander:
    travel freely
  23. World-class:
    high-quality or classy
  24. Worthwhile:
    valuable or important
  25. Workaround:
  26. Well-established:
    lasting a long time

Examples of Sentences Using Positive “W” Words

A surprising number of positive words begin with “W,” and some might be words you haven’t used before.

To provide a deeper understanding, we have examples of sentences using some of the words on our list:

  • “The manager chose to hire a candidate who seemed wise and experienced.”
  • “The plays she wrote were known for their witty dialogue and sense of fun.”
  • “He was a wonderful painter with a talent for capturing landscapes.”
  • “She had a whimsical sense of style and a love of costume jewelry.”
  • “She was wonderstruck by the sight of the first snow.”
  • “He had a wizardly ability to solve problems.”
  • “The worldly man has visited more than 10 countries.”
  • “Her waggish son ran through the yard with the dog.”
  • “The woman had a winsome smile and demeanor.”
  • “Due to the company’s success, investors received a great windfall.”
  • “The wordsmith professor had high expectations for her students’ essays.”
  • “She was a musical wunderkind and recorded her first album at age 13.”
  • “Stepping out of the beachfront house was like opening a portal to a wonderland.”
  • “The woodland mural gave the nursery a touch of whimsy.”
  • “The game was easily winnable for the state’s best basketball team.”
  • “She enjoyed traveling alone because it gave her the freedom to wander.”
  • “His idea was a worthwhile contribution that led to the project’s success.”
  • “A little-known workaround allowed her to repair the database with ease.”