Top 15 Positive Words Starting With Z (Adjectives, etc)

Letter "Z" written in blue marker on a white sheet of paper

“Z” is the final letter of the modern English alphabet and also the least-used letter.[1]

It doesn’t appear in the top ten word-starting or word-ending letters, nor does it appear anywhere among the most common digrams and trigrams (two- or three-word pairs frequently used in words).[1]

In fact, at one time, it was so uncommonly used that it was temporarily removed from the alphabet![2]

But despite its less-frequent use, it’s still an important part of our written language today.

Below, we have the list of positive words starting with “z,” including some adjectives you can use to describe people.

  1. Zen
    peaceful and calm; meditative
  2. Zany
    unconventional but amusing; eccentric
  3. Zenith
    high point of power and success
  4. Zeal
  5. Zestful
    enthusiastic and energetic
  6. Zoetic
    living or vital
  7. Zooty
    stylish and flamboyant
  8. Zealous
  9. Zinger
    outstanding or striking
  10. Zippy
  11. Zazzy
    slang for shiny or flashy
  12. Zing
  13. Zappy
  14. Zesty
    sharp or lively
  15. Zealful
    passionately enthusiastic

Examples of Sentences Using Positive “Z” Words

Since “Z” isn’t a super common letter, the positive words that begin with “Z” are a bit unusual and lesser-known.

To help you understand them further, we provide examples of them in the sentences below:

  • “She spent the afternoon in a zen garden.”
  • “Julia has a zany and outgoing personality.”
  • “The company was reaching its zenith.”
  • “I have a great zeal for my profession.”
  • “The band gave a zestful performance of their new song.”
  • “In a human’s life, food, water, and shelter are zoetic.”
  • “He designed a zooty outfit for the party.”
  • “The candidate is a zealous supporter of education.”
  • “The joke was a zinger.”
  • “The zippy dog ran through the park.”
  • “Her zazzy jewelry sparkled in the light.”
  • “The dipping sauce added a zing to the meal.”
  • “The store played zappy music over the loudspeaker.”
  • “As she cooked, the home was filled with a zesty smell.”
  • “He took a zealful approach to the project.”

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