Top 13 Positive Words Starting With X (Adjectives, etc)

Letter "X" block in focus in front of a stack of other letter blocks

“X” is one of the most interesting letters in the English alphabet.

Originating from a Phoenician letter meaning “fish,” the letter was incorporated by the Greeks and then the Romans before becoming the “X” we use today.[1]

Beyond its use in the English language, “X” also represents unknown values in math[2] and is used in several other forms of symbolism, like the roman numeral for the number 10.[2]

While “X” isn’t one of our most-used letters, there are some positive words that begin with the letter X.

We list them below, along with examples of them in sentences.

  1. Xenodochial:
    friendly to strangers
  2. Xena:
    a strong and confident woman
  3. XPer:
    extreme programmer; uses unusual and complicated programming techniques
  4. Xanadu:
    a magnificent, beautiful place
  5. Xenophile:
    a person interested in foreign cultures
  6. X-factor:
    having a special talent or quality
  7. Xenial:
  8. Xenacious:
    yearning for change
  9. Xiexie:
    “thank you” in Mandarin
  10. Xanthic:
    yellow or golden
  11. Xyresic:
    razor-sharp, as in smart or witty
  12. Xenagogy:
    acting as a guide to other people
  13. Xenomania:
    a passion for foreign things and cultures

Examples of Sentences Using Positive “X” Words

Below, we provide examples of sentences including some of the positive “X” words.

  • “She bought a gift for the party’s hosts as a xenodochial gesture.”
  • “He was a devoted XPer and enjoyed developing new tools.”
  • “The professor is a xenophile with a particular interest in Greece.”
  • “The owner of the third inn we visited was particularly xenial.”
  • “She was xenacious and ready to create great opportunities for her community.”
  • “The tree’s xanthic blooms were her favorite sight in spring.”
  • “He had a xyresic mind and made everyone laugh.”