Top 27 Positive Words Starting With Q

Letter "Q" tile from a Scrabble game

“Q” is one of the least-frequently used letters in the English alphabet.[1]

When “Q” appears, it’s usually paired with “U,” creating a digraph — a pair of letters representing one spoken sound.[2]

Though it isn’t one of the more popular letters, there are still some words that begin with “Q,” including positive ones!

We list the positive words that start with “Q” below, along with examples that show them in sentences.

  1. Qualified
    well-prepared or certified
  2. Quick-witted
    can respond quickly
  3. Quirky
    endearingly peculiar
  4. Quintessential
    a perfect or typical example of something
  5. Quick-sighted
  6. Quenchless
  7. Quiet
    noiseless and calm
  8. Quemeful
  9. Quixotic
    romantic and chivalrous
  10. Quick-thinking
    able to react fast
  11. Quester
    a person who goes on adventurous quests or is eager to learn
  12. Queenly
    regal like a queen
  13. Quotable
  14. Quietsome
  15. Quick
    fast-moving or intelligent
  16. Querist
    a curious person who asks questions
  17. Quizzical
  18. Quiddity
    inherent nature or essence
  19. Quip
    witty comment
  20. Quat
  21. Quietude
  22. Quick-minded
    able to think fast
  23. Quintessence
    the essence of someone or something
  24. Quality
  25. Quest
    an adventurous journey
  26. Quickest
  27. Quaint
    sweetly old-fashioned

Examples of Sentences Using Positive “Q” Words

Since “Q” isn’t the most common letter, you might be unfamiliar with some of the positive words starting with “Q.”

To give a better understanding of them, the following are some examples that use them in sentences:

  • “The university hired seven qualified professors for the new program.”
  • “She enjoyed spending time with her aunt, who was quick-witted and entertaining.”
  • “The artist had a quirky and colorful style.”
  • “She had quenchless confidence in her new business.”
  • “Their trip to Europe felt like a quixotic adventure.”
  • “The quick-thinking girl excelled at the game.”
  • “She looked queenly and elegant in her wedding gown.”
  • “The querist gathered abundant knowledge through his questioning.”
  • “The cat looked at me with a quizzical expression.”
  • “The team’s success proved the quiddity of her leadership skills.”
  • “He made a quip about the restaurant’s decor.”
  • “She had a gift for finding a state of quietude under any circumstances.”
  • “He’s the quintessence of politeness.”
  • “Driving through the quaint town was like traveling back in time.”

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