Top 29 Positive Words Starting With Y (Adjectives, Inspirational Words, etc)

Letter "Y" key on a computer's keyboard

“Y” is perhaps the most confusing letter of the alphabet for early English learners. We learn that the vowels are “a, e, i, o, u… and sometimes y.”

Why only sometimes? Most letters are strictly consonants or vowels, but “y” is unique in that it can be pronounced in several different ways, making either a “y” sound (as in “yard”), an “i” sound (as in “toy”), or an “e” sound (as in “monkey”).[1]

“Y” isn’t one of the most commonly-used letters in our alphabet, falling behind about 15 others.[2] However, there are still plenty of words that begin with it.

Below, we list the words starting with “y” to describe a person positively and others with a more generally positive or inspiring meaning.

Scroll past the list for some examples of these words in sentences!

Adjectives to Describe a Person

  1. Youthful
  2. Yeomanly
    loyal and brave
  3. Yare
    agile or lively
  4. Youngster
  5. Young

Generally Positive/Inspiring Words

  1. Yay
    expression of excitement
  2. Yes
  3. Yippee
    expression of excitement
  4. Yeah
  5. Yum
  6. Yern
    eagerly or heartily
  7. Yip
    a sharp cry of delight or glee
  8. Yee-haw
    expression of enthusiasm
  9. Yuk
    an energetic laugh; sometimes spelled “yuck”
  10. Yep
  11. Yield
  12. Yearly
    an annual tradition
  13. Yourself
  14. Yoga
    meditative exercise for health and relaxation
  15. YOLO
    acronym for “you only live once”
  16. Yukking
    laughing heartily; sometimes spelled “yucking”
  17. Yule
    Christmas season
  18. Youth
  19. Yahweh
    Hebrew name for God
  20. Yup
  21. Yea
  22. Yahoo
    expression of delight
  23. Yummy
  24. Yep

Examples of Sentences Using Positive “Y” Words

Wondering how to use some of the less common words from our list above?

Here are some examples of using them in sentences:

  • “She had a youthful enthusiasm for ice cream.”
  • “He approached the task in a yeomanly manner.”
  • “Mr. Jones was as yare as a cheetah.”
  • “Sophie gave a yip when she saw her best friend arrive.”
  • “The apple trees yield a great harvest each fall.”
  • “My family takes a yearly vacation to Hawaii.”
  • “The boys were yukking at their friend as he danced wildly.”
  • “We decorated our home for the Yule season.”
  • “She found the appetizer particularly yummy.”

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