Top 39 Positive Words Starting With V (Adjectives, etc)

Letter "V" drawn in snow

“V” is the 22nd letter of the modern alphabet — and one of the least common.

A study of letter frequency found that “V” is the sixth least-used letter in the English language.[1] However, it still has many well-known uses.

If you’re into science, the letter on its own might bring to mind vanadium — the chemical element with the symbol “V.”[2]

If you’re a music fan, you might recognize it as the stage name of Kim Taehyung from the group BTS.[3]

There are also plenty of words that begin with the letter “V.” Below, we list the positive ones!

We’ve divided our list into adjectives that can describe people and generally positive words that start with “V.”

“V” Adjectives to Describe People

  1. Valiant
  2. Valorous
  3. Vibrant
    energetic or enthusiastic
  4. Visionary
    forward-thinking and imaginative
  5. Venerable
    worthy of respect
  6. Versatile
  7. Venturesome
    bold and risk-taking
  8. Vivacious
  9. Venust
    beautiful and elegant
  10. Victorious
  11. Vocal
  12. Virtuous
    has high moral standards
  13. Vigilant
  14. Veracious
  15. Vigorous
    strong and healthy
  16. Viceless
    moral and good
  17. Versed
    skilled or knowledgable
  18. Valued
  19. Voluble
  20. Vital
    essential/important or full of energy
  21. Visible
    seen or prominent
  22. Vehement
    passionate and intense

Other Positive Words Starting With “V”

  1. Valuable
    of great worth
  2. Vivid
  3. Verve
  4. Virtuoso
    highly skilled
  5. Valedictorian
    a student with high academic achievements
  6. VIP
    very important person
  7. Verified
  8. Validatory
  9. Viable
    capable of succeeding
  10. Velvety
    soft and smooth
  11. Voyager
  12. Veteran
  13. Voila
    calls attention to something in a positive way
  14. Valid
    logical, factual, or reasonable
  15. Variety
    having many different types
  16. Vast
  17. Vetted
    formally reviewed and approved

Examples of Sentences Using Positive “V” Words

Not sure how to use some of the less familiar “V” words in our list above?

Here are some examples to help you understand them better:

  • “She made a valiant effort to pass the test.”
  • “The soldiers were valorous in the battle.”
  • “She had a vibrant personality.”
  • “She was a visionary leader and helped her community thrive.”
  • “His paper was published in a venerable academic journal.”
  • “The team was versatile enough to accomplish any task.”
  • “The venturesome man decided to travel to the island by canoe.”
  • “The vivacious girl easily made friends with the entire class.”
  • “The venust woman wore a long, elegant gown.”
  • “The team was victorious in the final game of the playoffs.”
  • “She was vocal about the importance of reading.”
  • “He lived a virtuous life and never got into trouble.”
  • “She had a vigilant eye for detail when sewing.”
  • “The author provided a veracious account of the election.”
  • “The manager’s plan was met with vigorous resistance.”
  • “The viceless woman never ate dessert.”
  • “She was well versed in the latest fashion trends.”
  • “She was a valued community member who organized monthly events.”
  • “The voluble host made sure everyone had fun at the party.”
  • “The team was vital to the company’s success.”
  • “He became visible in the community due to his charitable efforts.”
  • “He was a vehement critic of the city’s new policy.”
  • “The necklace was valuable to her because it belonged to her mother.”
  • “Her vivid hair was dyed orange and pink.”
  • “He sang with verve and impressed the audience.”
  • “My friend Sean was a piano virtuoso.”
  • “The valedictorian inspired the graduating class with her speech.”
  • “The airport had an elegant lounge where passengers got the VIP treatment.”
  • “The publisher verified the author’s research before sending the book to print.”
  • “The evidence was validatory to the team’s victory.”
  • “The improvements to the park were economically viable for the community.”
  • “Her favorite sweater had a velvety texture.”
  • “She was the first voyager to visit the remote island.”
  • “He was a veteran of the sport, and many students admired him.”
  • Voila! Here’s the final product of my art project.”
  • “She had many valid ideas about how to improve the school.”
  • “Her bookshelves were filled with a variety of exciting books, from thrillers to science fiction.”
  • “The vast landscape of hills and valleys made the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation.”
  • “Each applicant was vetted and deemed trustworthy.”

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