Top 67 Castle Names and Cool Fort Names

Old stone castle at the top of a hill

Militaries have used forts for centuries to provide protection and strategic advantages against enemies.

The name “fort” comes from the fact that the area is fortified — meaning it’s been improved with security measures like walls and ditches.

As for castles, they’ve been around since the ninth century, and many still exist worldwide today!

Like forts, castles often served as fortified strongholds for rulers in places as wide-ranging as England, India, and Japan.

Whether you’re building a backyard fort or writing a story set in a medieval castle, we have more than 60 castle and fort names to choose from below.

Scroll past the list for tips to help you create more name ideas on your own!

  1. Hopeshire Fortress
  2. Windshire Palace
  3. Rose Castle
  4. Staerdale Fort
  5. Nightwell Palace
  6. Marshwood Castle
  7. Raven’s Bluff
  8. Direwood Fortress
  9. Castle Amarantha:
    meaning “unfading” in Greek
  10. Brightwater Keep
  11. Alhambra:
    Spain’s “red castle”
  12. Wishborne Castle
  13. Starminster Fortress
  14. Isengard:
    from “Lord of the Rings”
  15. Slyborn Palace
  16. Everkeep Castle
  17. Farfaith Castle
  18. Rose Keep
  19. Hogwarts Castle:
    from “Harry Potter”
  20. Cloudnest Keep
  21. Marshwood Ford
  22. Moonlight Bluff
  23. Sunspire Keep
  24. Woodlands Fort
  25. Beacon Hill
  26. Castle Haven
  27. Moving Castle:
    reference to “Howl’s Moving Castle”
  28. Pearlington Keep
  29. Warwick Castle
  30. Talonbluff Castle
  31. Moonreach Keep
  32. Skyguard Hall
  33. The Mount
  34. Sunspear Palace
  35. Falconreach Keep
  36. Osprey’s Reach
  37. Mito Castle:
    a Japanese castle
  38. Castamere:
    from George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”
  39. Iredale Keep
  40. Hillfort
  41. Starford Fortress
  42. Camelot:
    where King Arthur held court
  43. Whitehaven Castle
  44. Bluebird Keep
  45. Dawnton Place
  46. Greenhill Palace
  47. Casterly Rock:
    from George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”
  48. Windkeep Stronghold
  49. Lambkin Castle:
    medieval word meaning “little lamb”
  50. Saltwoods Fortress
  51. Castle Wolfthorn
  52. Redmont Keep
  53. Gramercy Castle:
    medieval word meaning “thank you”
  54. Caladan:
    from “Dune”
  55. Eastcairn Fortress
  56. Royal Citadel
  57. Saltwood Castle
  58. Dragonstone:
    from George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”
  59. Riverdale Fortress
  60. Furlong Castle:
    medieval word meaning 220 feet
  61. Cloveshire Castle
  62. [Last Name] Castle
  63. Bran Castle:
    a Romanian castle name
  64. Highgarden:
    from George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”
  65. Fowlsfield Keep
  66. [Last Name] Palace
  67. Leaves Fortress

How to Create a Cool Castle or Fort Name

If you’d prefer to create your own castle or fort name, keep the following tips in mind to help you brainstorm:

  • Decide what type of name you want. Do you want a name that sounds historical, a funny name, or one that sounds like it’s from a fantasy world? Deciding the theme of your name is the first step to finding something that perfectly fits your castle or fort!
  • Consider how you’ll use the name. Naming a backyard playhouse fort can be very different than naming a fort for a fictional story! This falls in line with deciding the type of name you want, but you might also want to consider factors like whether the name will look good as a logo (if you’re naming a physical location).
  • Find inspiration in literature, pop culture, and history. Historically and in fictional worlds, there have been plenty of castles, forts, and other strongholds you can use to inspire your name! For example, if you love “Lord of the Rings,” you can get inspiration from one of its world’s many fortresses like Dunharrow and Isengard.
  • Make a list of single words that appeal to you. Once you have one great word, you can add “Castle,” “Fortress,” “Keep,” “Palace,” or “Stronghold” to it to quickly create a great fort or castle name. For example, if you love the word “haven,” you could use “Castle Haven,” “Haven Keep,” or “Haven Palace.”