63 Best Man Cave Name Ideas: Other Names for “Man Cave”

"Man Cave" sign and tools displayed on a wood table

The term “man cave” appeared for the first time in a 1992 Toronto Star column.

However, the concept of an exclusive space where men can enjoy their hobbies has been around much longer.

Some estimate that man caves — though they weren’t always known as such — have been around since soldiers returned home after World War II.

Today, man caves take on many forms, from basement woodshops to home theaters to garages or state-of-the-art gaming rooms.

Whatever the theme and purpose of your man cave, finding a great name can help you define the space and make it feel more personal!

We have more than 60 man cave name ideas below, plus tips to help you create your own.

  1. The Dugout
  2. The Doghouse
  3. The Penalty Box
  4. The Pit:
    inspired by racing
  5. The Bat Cave
  6. Captain’s Quarters
  7. Fortress of Solitude
  8. The Clubhouse
  9. The Manetarium
  10. The Lair
  11. Command Center
  12. The Cutting Room:
    inspired by movies
  13. The Arena
  14. Testosterone Zone
  15. The Hideaway
  16. Barndominium
  17. HQ:
    short for “headquarters”
  18. The Dungeon
  19. VIP Lounge
  20. The Refuge
  21. The Men Den
  22. Bro-chella:
    a play on “Coachella,” the music festival
  23. The Bunker
  24. The Dive
  25. The Squared Circle:
    inspired by wrestling
  26. The Dirty Dungeon
  27. The Lodge
  28. Sanctum Sanctorum:
    reference to Dr. Strange’s lair
  29. The Cheap Seats
  30. The Annex
  31. Sanctuary
  32. The Dad Pad
  33. The Tavern
  34. The Haven of Man
  35. The Cavern
  36. The Multiplex:
    for a home theater-themed man cave
  37. The Locker Room
  38. The Fairway:
    inspired by golf
  39. The Cabin
  40. Manctuary:
    a play on “man” and “sanctuary”
  41. The Green Room
  42. The Saloon
  43. [Name]’s Kingdom
  44. The Palace
  45. Utopia
  46. The Crow’s Nest:
    for a classic nautical-themed man cave
  47. The Yard House
  48. The Boathouse
  49. Avengers’ Tower:
    reference to The Avengers’ headquarters in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”
  50. The Retreat
  51. The Pilot’s Lounge
  52. The Brig
  53. King’s Chambers
  54. The Pub
  55. The Inside Track:
    inspired by racing
  56. Promised Land
  57. The Nook
  58. The Mosh Pit
  59. 5 O’Clock Lounge:
    reference to the saying “it’s five o’clock somewhere”
  60. The Ring:
    inspired by wrestling
  61. Hidey Hole
  62. The Green:
    inspired by golf
  63. The Stadium

How to Create Your Own Great Man Cave Name

Your man cave reflects your specific interests and personality, so the names on our list might not include the perfect fit for you.

If you’d like to create more options on your own, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Get inspiration from your interests. Do you love watching football? Choose a football-inspired name like “The Stadium.” Or, if you’re into golf, you could choose “The Fairway.” Make a list of places associated with your hobbies or interests and see if they suit your man cave!
  • Make a rhyme or pun using your name. For a personalized option, you can include your own name in the name of your man cave. For example, you could use “Ben’s Den,” “The Matt-Cave,” “Nate’s Place,” or “Paul-adise” (a play on “paradise”).
  • Play up your prestige. Choosing a name associated with a regal or respectable figure, such as a king or captain, can elevate your man cave and make you feel like it’s truly your domain.
  • Think of your favorite places. You might get inspiration from somewhere you’ve traveled or a place you love to go to with your friends. Examples include simple names like “The Pub,” “The Cabin,” or something more specific like “Little Oahu” (for someone who loves to visit Hawaii and wants a relaxed, beachy hangout).