Top 83 Things That Start With V: Toys, Clothing, Household Items, etc

Three vases resting on a dark table

Below, you’ll find the list of household items, toys, clothing items, and expensive items that start with the letter V.

Scroll past our list for an activity related to one of these objects!

Household Items

  1. Vacuum cleaner:
    sweeps up dust and dirt
  2. Vitamins
  3. Vanity:
    dressing table
  4. Vegetable peeler
  5. Vanilla:
    flavoring for cooking
  6. Vanity bag:
    bag for toiletries
  7. Vacuum-packed cans and jars:
    as much air as possible was removed
  8. Vaporizer:
    adds humidity to the air
  9. Vegetable spiralizer
  10. Vane:
    short for weathervane; points to show the direction of wind
  11. Vase:
    a container for flowers
  12. Valance:
  13. Voter registration card
  14. Vapor rub:
    mentholated ointment for cough and cold symptoms
  15. Video camera
  16. Valentine’s cards
  17. Vaseline:
    moisturizing jelly
  18. Visa card:
    credit or debit card with the Visa logo
  19. Vanity case:
    travel case for toiletries
  20. Vick’s VapoRub:
    cough relief ointment
  21. Vacuum bags:
    replaceable bags for the vacuum
  22. Venetian blinds:
    window shades
  23. Vinyl records
  24. Visitor’s badge:
    used at places like hospitals and museums
  25. Vacuum coffee maker:
    a glass immersion coffee maker
  26. Vanilla candle
  27. Vaccination records
  28. Valentine’s decorations
  29. Vault:
    locked storage
  30. Velvet fabric
  31. Vent:
    blows hot or cold air
  32. Vitamin organizer
  33. Vial:
    a small bottle
  34. Vanilla room spray
  35. Video disc player:
    DVD player
  36. Village collectible display buildings
  37. Vine:


  1. Video games
  2. Vegetable toys for play shopping
  3. Veterinarian costume
  4. Volcano model
  5. Vulture action figure by Marvel
  6. Vampire bat plush
  7. Video game console
  8. Vampire costume
  9. Van die-cast vehicle
  10. Velveteen Rabbit book
  11. Veterinarian kit
  12. Video game controller
  13. Vampire fang mouthpiece
  14. Victorian clothes for dress up
  15. Viking ship by Fisher-Price
  16. Velveteen Rabbit plush
  17. Ventriloquist’s puppet
  18. Village wooden playset by Playskool
  19. Violin for students
  20. Vulcan dragon toy by Untamed Legends
  21. Vulture plush by Wild Republic


  1. V-neck shirt
  2. Velvet dress
  3. Veil:
    covering for head and shoulders
  4. Vintage denim
  5. Velvet skirt
  6. Visor:
    worn like a hat, but only includes a brim and doesn’t cover the top of the head
  7. Vintage dress
  8. Vest:
    sleeveless jacket
  9. Vegan leather boots
  10. Velour dress
  11. Volleyball shoes
  12. Velvet shirt
  13. Velour shirt
  14. Velvet pants

Expensive Items

  1. Vintage car
  2. Versace designer clothing
  3. Van
  4. Vintage diamond jewelry
  5. Vlogging camera:
    Sony Cybershot RX 100
  6. Victorian-era antiques
  7. Vintage wine
  8. Vicuña coat
  9. Violin by Karl Willhelm or Yamaha
  10. Volkswagen vehicles
  11. Vacation itinerary

Activity: DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

While store-bought cards can be touching and thoughtfully chosen, handmade cards have an extra touch of personalization and can make for a sweet, sentimental gift.

It’s easy to create your own Valentine’s Day cards with just a few materials! We list the steps below.

  • Step 1: Plan your design. Decide what colors you want to use and if you wish to use just colored paper, stickers, glitter pens, or other embellishments. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try creating your own pop-up card! Hearts are a common theme, though you can also incorporate balloons, keys, flowers, and other symbols.
  • Step 2: Gather your materials. The supplies you’ll need will vary widely based on the design you choose. You may need just a few sheets of thick, colored paper, or a variety of decorative Valentine’s Day-themed craft supplies.
  • Step 3: Put the card together. Design the front of the card first — that way, if you want to change or refine your design, you won’t have to re-do as much.
  • Step 4: Write a sweet message inside. Once your design is complete, find a sweet quote to write inside, or craft a personalized message.