Top 167 Things That Start With D: Toys, Expensive Items, etc

A dish drying rack full of white dishware

Below, we list the household items, toys, clothing, and expensive items that start with the letter D!

Find more than 100 objects in our list, or scroll past the list for an activity based on one of these items.

Household Items

  1. Dollar bill
    paper currency; worth $1
  2. Dime
    10-cent coin
  3. Door
    used to enter and exit structures
  4. Debit card
    bank card for making purchases
  5. Dishes
    shallow, flat container for serving food
  6. Dinner fork
    eating utensil with four prongs
  7. Dinner knife
    eating utensil used to cut food
  8. Doorknob
    handle used to open and close doors
  9. Dustpan
    collects trash when sweeping the floor
  10. Dresser
    holds clothing
  11. Door lock
    prevents others from entering
  12. Drawers
    slide in and out; hold various items
  13. Dinner plate
    large plate used for a meal’s main course
  14. Dishcloth
    cloth used in the kitchen for cleaning and washing dishes
  15. Door handle
    used to open and close doors
  16. Drinking glasses
    used to hold and transport liquids for drinking
  17. Doorbell
    alerts you to visitors
  18. Dish rack
    dish organizer
  19. Disinfectant
    cleaning spray
  20. Digital watch
    display is digital, rather than a dial and hands
  21. Digital media player
    stores, plays, and/or displays digital media
  22. Decorations
    things that adorn and beautify
  23. Divan
    sofa without a back or arms
  24. Deodorant
    removes or conceals unpleasant smells
  25. Detergent
  26. Dishwashing liquid
    liquid soap used for sanitizing dishes
  27. Dishpan
    large pan used for washing dishes
  28. Dishrag
    cloth used for washing dishes
  29. Drain plug
    prevents liquid from draining
  30. Diary
    notebook where one records life events and feelings
  31. Dinnerware
    plates, cutlery, and glassware
  32. Dessert plates
    small plates for dessert
  33. Dinette
    kitchen table and chairs
  34. Dishtowel
    cloth used for drying dishes
  35. Doorstopper
    stops the door from hitting the wall
  36. Doorknocker
    piece hinged to a door; used for knocking
  37. Doorplate
    a plate showing your name or house number
  38. Duster
    removes dirt and dust
  39. Dicer
    cuts fruits and vegetables into cubes
  40. Digital clock
    display is digital, rather than a dial and hands
  41. Duffle
    type of bag
  42. Disc
    CD or DVD
  43. Dirty clothes
  44. Dishwasher
    machine that automatically washes dishes
  45. Doily
    ornamental paper or fabric mat
  46. Down comforter
    comforter filled with feathers
  47. Davenport
  48. Drapery
    window covers
  49. Dumbbells
    weights for exercise
  50. Draining board
    drains wet dishes
  51. Disco ball
    mirrorball for party decor
  52. Dog kennel
    offers shelter for dogs
  53. Duvet
    blanket covering
  54. DVD player
    plays DVDs on a TV
  55. Dolly
    wheeled platform for moving large or heavy items
  56. DVD
    disc used to project movies or shows onto a TV
  57. Decanter
  58. Dog food container
    protects dog food from spoiling
  59. Donut baking pan
    pan with donut-shaped impressions
  60. Decongestant
    medicine for colds
  61. Dough rounder
    molds dough into balls
  62. Desk
    piece of furniture used to read, study, or for other work
  63. Decal
    similar to a sticker; a design that sticks to surfaces like glass or metal
  64. Desk chair
  65. Dog treat container
    protects dog treats from spoiling
  66. Diffuser
    distributes air, light, or essential oils
  67. Deck of cards
    set of 52 playing cards
  68. Drill
    power tool with a rotating tip
  69. Dryer
    automatically dries clothes
  70. Dumpling press
    shapes dough into a traditional dumpling shape
  71. Dice
    six-sided, numbered cube
  72. Dictionary
    lists words with each one’s definition
  73. Diapers
    absorbent undergarments for babies
  74. Desk calendar
    loose-leaf daily calendar
  75. Doormat
    placed in a doorway for wiping feet
  76. Dehumidifier
    removes humidity from the air
  77. Decaffeinated coffee
  78. Deck chair
    an outdoor chair
  79. Deadbolt
  80. Digital video recorder
    records audio and video
  81. Digital camera
    records and stores digital images
  82. Desktop computer
    computer designed to remain on a desk
  83. Deep freezer
    freezer for extended storage
  84. Diaper bag
    bag for transporting diapers and other baby items
  85. Deck light
    outdoor light
  86. Dye
    adds or changes the color of something
  87. Down pillow
    pillow filled with feathers
  88. Digital satellite system
    network of satellites broadcasting digital signals
  89. Digital television
    transmission of television signals using digital encoding
  90. Daybed
    a bed that can also be used as a couch
  91. Darjeeling tea
    black Indian tea with fruity and floral notes[1]
  92. Darning needles
    sewing needles
  93. Detector
    detects matter or objects
  94. Dixie cups
    paper cups
  95. Dropcloth
    fabric that protects floors and furniture while painting
  96. Doghouse
    small shelter for a dog
  97. Drip pan
    pan that catches drips in the oven
  98. Demitasse cups
    tiny cups for espresso
  99. Doorjamb
    a vertical post that lines a doorway
  100. Driveway
    short road leading from a main road to a house or building
  101. Doorstep
    step leading to an exterior door
  102. Drawing pad
    for sketching or taking notes
  103. Dispenser
    dispenses something
  104. Drainpipe
    transports rainwater or other fluids away from something
  105. Disposal
    grinds up food scraps
  106. Dropper
    tube for moving small amounts of liquid
  107. Driftwood
    smooth pieces of wood found on beaches
  108. Distilled water
    purified water
  109. Drywall
    material used for the interior walls of a home
  110. DVD writer
    records video onto a disc
  111. Damask
    type of fabric
  112. Dehydrator
    dries food
  113. Diskette
    floppy disk


  1. Dolls
    small human-like figures used for play
  2. Dollhouse
    toy house for dolls
  3. Doctor playset
    set of toy medical instruments
  4. Disney Princess doll
    doll modeled after a particular Disney Princess
  5. Dog plush
    soft toy dog
  6. Doc McStuffins toys
    from the Disney Junior show “Doc McStuffins”
  7. Dr. Seuss books
    created by Theodor Suess Geisel
  8. Drawing kits
    kit with drawing tools
  9. Doodle mat
    a mat you can draw on then wipe clean
  10. Dodgeball
    game of tapping others with or avoiding a ball
  11. Dalmatian plush
    soft toy dalmatian
  12. Dolphin toy
  13. Dump truck toy
    used to transport and dump things
  14. Donald Duck plush
    soft toy Donald Duck
  15. Drum sticks
    long, wooden sticks used to play drums
  16. Daisy Duck plush
    soft toy Daisy Duck
  17. Dinosaur figurines
    plastic toy dinosaurs
  18. Dragon figurines
    plastic toy dragons
  19. Disney villain doll
    doll modeled after a particular Disney villain
  20. Darth Vader toy
    from the “Star Wars” movies
  21. Dominoes
    small, rectangular playing pieces marked with dots
  22. Darts
    small, pointed objects thrown to score points
  23. Dartboard
    target for darts
  24. Dirt bike
    motorcycle designed for rough terrain
  25. Daniel Tiger plush
    soft toy Daniel Tiger
  26. Drill set
    toy tool set
  27. Dirt Devil toy vacuum
  28. Drum pad
    a flat pad for drum practice
  29. Drum set
    set of drumsticks, drums, symbols, and other percussion instruments
  30. Dungeons & Dragons
    a medieval role-playing game
  31. Dado Cubes
    building cubes


  1. Denim pants
  2. Dress shirt
    button-up shirt
  3. Dress
  4. Denim jacket
  5. Down jacket
    winter jacket with feather-filling
  6. Dinner jacket
    men’s jacket with no tails
  7. Drawstring pants
    pants with a drawstring waist
  8. Daisy Dukes
    short denim shorts
  9. Denim shirt
  10. Dance shoes
    shoes made specifically for dancing
  11. Dungarees
    heavy work pants
  12. Denim skirt

Expensive Items

  1. Diamond ring
    precious stone worn on one’s finger
  2. Diamond earrings
    precious stone worn on one’s ears
  3. Designer shoes
    high-quality shoes created by well-known fashion designers
  4. Diamond bracelet
    precious stone worn on one’s wrist
  5. Drone
    unmanned flying machine
  6. Disneyland tickets
    grant admission to Disneyland
  7. Diamond necklace
    precious stone worn around one’s neck
  8. Dashboard camera
    video camera mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle
  9. Da Vinci painting
    painting created by Leonardo Da Vinci
  10. Designer dress
    high-quality dress created by a well-known fashion designer
  11. Ducati motorcycle
    performance motorcycle

Activity: Matching “D” Items With Their Names

This simple matching activity is suitable for kids who are just learning to recognize words and identify household items. All it requires is some sticky notes!

To set up the activity, go around the house yourself (the parent/guardian) and make a note of which items on our list appear in your home.

Write each item on a sticky note. Be sure to use a separate sticky note for each item; you can cut your sticky notes in half if you want to use fewer of them.

With all of the sticky notes written out, give the notes to the participants. They’ll wander the home and place the sticky notes on the matching items — similar to a scavenger hunt.

If you have more than one participant, you may want to use different colored sticky notes so you can tally up points! Provide a small prize for the kid who identifies the most items.

If you’d prefer to keep the activity contained in one room, you can make photo cards for the participants to match rather than sending them to hunt for items around the house.

Either way, this activity can help you pass an afternoon indoors and give the participants a better understanding of their surroundings!

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