Top 99 Things That Start With E: Toys, Household Items, etc

Electric kettle, which starts with "e," on a white kitchen counter

There are nearly 100 things that start with the letter E, from household items like envelopes that you regularly use to fanciful purchases like evening gowns.

Find our list of things that start with E below, plus an activity related to one of the items on our list!

Household Items

  1. Eraser
  2. Eyeglasses
  3. Envelope
  4. Earbuds:
    in-ear headphones
  5. Earplugs:
    used to block noise
  6. Earrings
  7. Electric mixer
  8. Electric toaster
  9. Eyeglasses case
  10. Enamelware:
    kitchen utensils coated with enamel
  11. Eggbeater:
    mixes or whips eggs or cream
  12. Easy chair:
    large, comfortable chair
  13. Emergency kit
  14. Eau de toilette:
  15. Electric blanket:
    heated blanket
  16. Egyptian cotton towels
  17. Electric kettle
  18. Egg carton
  19. Energizer batteries
  20. Earthenware:
    ceramic pottery
  21. Earphones:
  22. Electric frying pan
  23. Evening bag
  24. Engraved keepsake box
  25. Electric wok:
    bowl-shaped pan
  26. Extension cord
  27. Egg cup
  28. Exercise ball
  29. Ear thermometer:
    takes temperature
  30. Eyedrops
  31. Eyeglass cleaning spray
  32. Eyelash curler
  33. Egg holder
  34. Eyebrow pencil
  35. Epilator:
    hair remover
  36. Engraved wood
  37. Emery board:
    nail file
  38. Eyeglass cleaning cloth
  39. Extension ladder:
    ladder with adjustable height
  40. Exercise bike
  41. English dictionary
  42. Encyclopedia
  43. Eiffel Tower picture
  44. Exercise equipment
  45. Embosser:
    a stamp that creates raised patterns
  46. Eiffel Tower lamp
  47. Easter basket
  48. Elastic:
    stretchy cord or fabric
  49. Eight-track tape:
    recorded music
  50. Easter lily:
    type of flower


  1. Electronic games
  2. Elephant plush
  3. Elf on a Shelf
  4. Elsa doll:
    character from Frozen
  5. Elmo plush:
    Sesame Street character
  6. Earth globe
  7. Encyclopedia for kids
  8. Etch A Sketch
  9. Elk plush
  10. Easel:
    wooden stand for painting
  11. Educational books
  12. Educational toys
  13. Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace by LEGO
  14. Elefun:
    Hasbro game
  15. Eel plush
  16. Eagle plush
  17. Electric guitar toy
  18. Earth Puzzleball by Ravensburger
  19. Educational solar robot kit
  20. EzyRoller riding toy
  21. Empire State Building puzzle
  22. Ellis Island books
  23. Expanding Mini Sphere Toy by Hoberman


  1. Earmuffs
  2. Empire waist dress:
    high waist
  3. Evening dress
  4. Embroidered jacket
  5. Espadrilles:
  6. Embroidered shirt
  7. Equestrian boots:
    horseriding boots
  8. Emu plush
  9. Eastern pants:
    pants with an elastic waist and flared legs
  10. Eisenhower jacket:
    collared jacket with two front pockets
  11. Elephantine pants:
    wide-leg pants with fitted waist and hips
  12. Envelope waist pants:
    folded waist
  13. Eton jacket:
    short jacket with open front
  14. Epaulet:
    shoulder ornament
  15. Epaulet jacket:
    jacket with shoulder straps
  16. Epaulet shirt:
    shirt with should straps

Expensive Items

  1. Engagement ring
  2. Electric guitar
  3. Engraved jewelry
  4. Emerald jewelry
  5. Evening gown
  6. Etro brand accessories
  7. Etro brand women’s clothing
  8. Etro brand men’s clothing
  9. Elliptical trainer:
    exercise machine
  10. Euro Disney Resort (now known as Disneyland Paris) tickets

Activity: DIY Emergency Kit

Emergencies are inevitable in life. We try to avoid them, but we can’t control everything — so it’s always best to be prepared!

An emergency kit is an essential household item, and it’s also a good idea to keep one in your car.

What should you include in an emergency kit? That answer will vary somewhat depending on where you live.

For example, someone living in a flood-prone area will have different emergency needs than someone who lives in California and experiences earthquakes.

However, there are some staples that every emergency kit should have:

  • Food and water: Have enough on hand to last several days. The food should be non-perishable so you can keep it in the kit for a long time without having to worry about it spoiling.
  • Soap: Staying clean is essential, even in an emergency. An all-purpose soap like Dr. Bronner’s will allow you to keep yourself and your environment safe.
  • First aid kit: This should include alcohol, bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, gloves, gauze, tweezers, and other items you may need to clean and dress wounds.
  • Toiletries: Keep toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and the like in your kit.
  • Basic tools: You never know when you’ll need a hammer or screwdriver. A small toolbox or multi-tool will be a useful addition to your kit. It’s also a good idea to include a pocket knife.
  • Weather-related items: A warm blanket or jacket, rain gear, gloves, and hats may be useful depending on where you live.
  • Water treatment tools: These can be filtering straws, water bottles with filters, or water treatment tablets.
  • Flares and whistles: These can help rescuers find you in an emergency situation.

Keep in mind that these are just the basics — you may want to add more to your kits, such as a radio, walkie-talkies, a list of emergency phone numbers, or matches and candles.

Tailoring your kit to your specific needs will ensure that you have everything you need — if you ever happen to need it!