Top 41 Things That Start With U: Toys, Expensive Items, etc

Three umbrellas, which start with "u," hanging on a wooden rack

There are more things than you’d expect that start with the letter U!

We list 41 household items, toys, clothing items, and expensive items that start with U below.

Scroll past the list for an activity related to one of the things that start with U!

Household Items

  1. Umbrella
  2. Utensils for eating:
    forks, knives, and spoons
  3. Utensils for cooking:
    spatula, slotted spoon, serving spoon, knives, and whisks
  4. Upholstered sofa:
    fabric-covered couch
  5. Upholstered chair:
    fabric-covered chair
  6. United States map
  7. Utility knife
  8. United States flag
  9. Utility belt:
    holds tools
  10. Ukulele for adults
  11. Urn:
    tall, rounded vase
  12. Umbrella plant
  13. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner:
    jewelry cleaning machine


  1. Ugly Duckling storybook
  2. Unicorn stickers
  3. Unicorn plush
  4. Unicorn costume
  5. United States Army Patrol playset
  6. United States magnetic puzzle
  7. United States Championship WWE replica wrestling belt
  8. Ukulele for kids
  9. Umpire costume
  10. Underwater pool toys
  11. UFO flying ball toy
  12. Unicorn figurine
  13. UFO drone by Tesoky
  14. U Fidget Toy:
    creates shapes
  15. United States Postal Service die-cast vehicle
  16. Unicycle


  1. Underwear:
    worn under clothes
  2. Ugly holiday sweater
  3. Uniform:
    clothing for specific jobs or groups
  4. Unitard:
    leotard with long sleeves
  5. Ugg boots
  6. Union suit:
    one-piece long underwear
  7. Undershirt
  8. Ulster:
    long coat

Expensive Items

  1. Ulysses by Fiat:
  2. Utility vehicle:
    a vehicle for a specific task like off-road towing
  3. Ultima Evolution car:
    sports car
  4. Unique fragrance designed for you in Paris

Activity: Memorizing the United States Map

You may not have ever traveled outside of your own state, but knowing the country’s geography is important when it comes to choosing a college, looking for job opportunities, or even just planning vacations!

For an interactive activity related to the things that start with U, try memorizing the United States map.

If you don’t already have a U.S. map in your house, you can find one online and print it out. Look for a blank U.S. map with the states outlined, but not labeled with their names.

Your goal will be to match each state with its name!

You can use several methods to quiz yourself on the states:

  • Laminate the map or cover it with packing tape and use an erasable marker to label the states.
  • Label the states in pencil so you can erase them and re-label them as you learn.
  • Use small sticky notes to label each state, so you can move or remove them as you learn.

Before you begin labeling the map, you’ll want to be familiar with the names of all 50 states; if you don’t already have them memorized, make a list of them.

For an added challenge, you can try to memorize both the states and their capital cities!