Top 159 Things Starting With A: Household Items, Toys, Clothing, etc

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What are the things that start with A? We list more than 100 below, including household items, toys, clothing, and expensive items.

Plus, scroll past our list for an activity using one of the items that start with A!

Household Items

  1. AA or AAA batteries
  2. Alarm clock
  3. ACE bandage
  4. All-purpose cleaner
  5. Aluminum foil
  6. Accent table
  7. Amazon Echo
  8. Antibacterial soap/spray
  9. Antiperspirant
  10. Area rug
  11. Appliances
  12. Apple corer
  13. Apron
  14. AirPods
    wireless in-ear Apple headphones
  15. Aspirin
  16. Ajax cleaner
  17. Antibiotics
  18. Automatic pet feeder
  19. Apple peeler
  20. Aloe vera gel/lotion
  21. Astringent
    facial cleanser
  22. Acrylic paint
  23. Apple slicer
  24. Allspice
  25. Air mattress
  26. Alcohol
  27. Air fryer
  28. Aquarium
  29. Air freshener
  30. Attache
  31. Air conditioner
  32. Atlas
  33. Antique furniture
  34. Antacid
  35. Appetizer tray
  36. Answering machine
    records messages for a landline phone
  37. Air purifier
  38. Ammonia window cleaner
  39. AM/FM radio
  40. Ankle brace
  41. Automatic coffee maker
  42. Address book
  43. Armrest
  44. Avocado slicer
  45. Award
  46. Armoire
  47. Aromatherapy diffuser
  48. Album
  49. Amplifier
  50. Axe
  51. Aromatherapy oil
  52. Ant bait
    pest control product
  53. Aerosol can
  54. Air cleaner/air filter
  55. Analog clock
  56. Art supplies for adults
  57. Armchair
  58. Artwork
  59. Afghan
  60. Awning
  61. Ashtray


  1. Alphabet blocks
  2. Action figures
  3. Aqua Dive Rings pool toy
  4. Alphabet books
  5. Ambulance toy
  6. Animal See n’ Say
    Fisher-Price Farmer Says
  7. “Alice in Wonderland” Tea Party set by Disney
  8. Art easel
  9. Alien figurines
  10. Angry Birds toys
  11. Ants in the Pants game
  12. Anakin Skywalker “Star Wars” action figure
  13. Acoustic toy guitar
  14. Abominable Snowman toy
  15. Alien ship model
  16. Astronomical telescope toy
  17. Activity cube
  18. Alphabet magnets
  19. Arctic hare plush
  20. Army costume
  21. Angelfish Ty Beanie Baby
  22. Aardvark plush
  23. Alpaca plush
    similar to Llama
  24. Angel dolls
  25. Airplane model
  26. Anaconda toy
  27. Arctic fox plush
  28. Armadillo toy
  29. Army action figures
    like G.I. Joe
  30. Alligator plush
  31. Antelope toy
  32. Ape toy
  33. Albatross toy
  34. Activity books
  35. Abacus
    a counting device
  36. Ant farm
  37. Airplane diecast toys
  38. AT-ST Walker from “Star Wars”
    all-terrain scout transport walker toy
  39. Astronaut figurine
  40. Alligator rubber toys
  41. Angel costume
  42. Accordion toy
  43. Anteater plastic and rubber toys
  44. Attache for kids
    toy briefcase
  45. Arcade game toys
  46. Art supplies for kids
  47. Astronaut costume
  48. Archery set
  49. Animal plush
  50. Atlas for kids
  51. “Avengers” figurines
  52. Animal plastic or rubber toys
  53. Animation DVDs
  54. Anteater plush


  1. Athletic shoes
  2. Ankle boots
  3. Adidas brand shoes
  4. Anklet socks
  5. Argyle socks
  6. A-line dress
  7. Animal print dress
  8. American Eagle brand clothes
  9. A-line skirt
  10. All-terrain sandals
    hiking sandals
  11. Army boots
  12. Animal print scarf
  13. Abercrombie brand clothes
  14. Art smock
  15. Argyle sweater
  16. Activewear
  17. Animal print blouse
  18. Ariat boots
    western boots
  19. Adidas brand clothes
  20. Aqua shoes
    to wear in the water
  21. Army fatigues
  22. Aviator jacket
  23. Anti-wrinkle clothing
  24. Armani brand clothes
  25. Anti-slip shoes
  26. Anorak
    hooded jacket
  27. Aeropostale brand clothes
  28. Anti-pill fleece sweater
  29. Aqua socks
    to wear in the water
  30. Ascot
  31. Athletic socks
  32. Anti-UV shirt
  33. ASOS brand clothes
  34. Angora sweater

Expensive Items

  1. Arcade games
  2. Antique furniture
  3. Autographed books, entertainment, and sports memorabilia
  4. Anchor
  5. Audio equipment
  6. Automobile
  7. Alexander McQueen designer clothes, shoes, and accessories
  8. Asanti diamond steering wheels for cars
  9. Alberta Ferretti designer gowns

Activity: Crafts With Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint isn’t just for painting on canvas! You can use acrylics on such varied materials as wood, metal, fabric, paper, cardboard, glass, and pottery.

Consider the following craft projects if you have some acrylic paint at home:

  • Repaint wooden furniture. Have an old end table, bookshelf, or magazine rack that could use some new life? You can repaint it with acrylics! Choose one color, use a base color with an accent design, or use color blocking.
  • Create customized wine glasses or drinking glasses. Use a small brush to paint a quote, flowers, butterflies, or another design on glasses! You can make beautiful, personalized wine glasses for your friends or just add some color to your everyday drinking glasses.
  • Make a decorative vase or candle holder. For this project, you’ll need a wine bottle (or similarly-shaped bottle) with the label taken off. Paint any design you’d like on it using acrylics. Add a few flowers to use it as a vase or place a stick candle in the top of the bottle for a unique addition to your coffee table or shelf.
  • Customize your shoes! Using fabric shoes, like white Converse All-Stars, you can use acrylic paint to add a subtle or bright design.

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