Top 141 Things That Start With G: Toys, Clothing, Tools, etc

A geode, which starts with "g," used as decoration on a table

There are more than 100 everyday and unusual items that start with the letter G.

See the list below, and beneath the list, find an activity that makes use of one of these items!

Household Items

  1. Glue
  2. Glasses for drinking
  3. Griddle:
    frying pan
  4. Grocery bag
  5. Glad trash bags
  6. Gift-wrap:
    wrapping paper
  7. Gate
  8. Gas grill
  9. Gift card
  10. Glitter
  11. Garden tools
  12. Gain laundry detergent
  13. Gravy boat:
    used for serving sauce
  14. Goggles:
    protective eyewear
  15. Garbage bag
  16. Game table
  17. Gallon jug
  18. Growler:
    container for beer
  19. Grater:
    used for grating foods like cheese and vegetables
  20. Garden gnome
  21. Gas tank
  22. Garbage can
  23. Glasses case
  24. Gallon of paint
  25. Gauze:
    for first aid
  26. Gelcap aspirin
  27. Geode:
    decorative stone
  28. Gift certificate
  29. Ginger jar:
    Chinese ceramic jar
  30. Glue stick
  31. Gelatin:
    used to prepare jellies and other foods
  32. Gingham curtains:
    checkered curtains
  33. Greeting cards
  34. Gin rummy:
    card game
  35. Golf ball
  36. Glad sandwich bags
  37. Guitar pick
  38. Glade PlugIns:
    air freshener
  39. Glamour magazine
  40. Goblet:
    a large drinking glass
  41. Golf bag
  42. Graphite pencil
  43. Gel:
    hairstyling product
  44. Golf clubs
  45. Grandfather clock:
    has a pendulum and is taller than a person
  46. Grandmother clock:
    shorter than a grandfather clock
  47. Greenhouse:
    a place for growing plants
  48. Guidebook:
    book with travel tips
  49. Gunnysack:
    a burlap bag


  1. Game Boy:
    handheld game console
  2. G.I. Joe action figures
  3. Glitter slime
  4. Globe
  5. Galloping horse toy
  6. Giant panda plush
  7. Giraffe plush
  8. Gavel toy
  9. Gecko plush:
    stuffed lizard
  10. Glow sticks
  11. Genie lamp
  12. Goggles:
    protect your eyes in the water when swimming
  13. Goofy plush:
    Disney character
  14. General (Army) costume
  15. Gorilla plush
  16. Geode kit by National Geographic
  17. Goosebumps books
  18. Geography books
  19. Guardians of the Galaxy figurines
  20. Ghost stories
  21. Giraffe figurine
  22. Godzilla plush
  23. Genie costume
  24. Gazelle figurine
  25. Glider:
    toy plane
  26. Genie plush
  27. Glitter Games Barbie
  28. Godzilla action figure
  29. Glitter Spa Lab Kit by SmartLab Toys
  30. Goalpost
  31. Godzilla movies on DVD
  32. Goonies DVD
  33. Guardians of the Galaxy DVD
  34. Guitar for kids
  35. Gulliver’s Travels book
  36. Gypsy costume


  1. Graphic tee:
    T-shirt printed with text or images
  2. Gloves
  3. Gold-plated jewelry
  4. Glasses
  5. Gym clothes:
    workout gear
  6. Gingham shirt:
    checkered skirt
  7. Gown
  8. Glass cleaner
  9. Galoshes:
    waterproof overshoes
  10. Gladiator sandal:
    open-toed, flat sandal with a lot of straps
  11. Golf shorts:
    knee-length shorts
  12. Go-go boots:
    knee-high retro boots with a low heel
  13. Gaucho pants:
    flared pants with the hem at the calf
  14. Garter belt:
    holds up stockings
  15. Golf shirt
  16. Gingham dress:
    checkered dress
  17. Gabardine coat:
    coat made of thick, twill fabric
  18. Gauze scarf:
    scarf made of gauze fabric
  19. Gored skirt:
  20. Gibson sleeve top:
    full at shoulder and fitted at the wrist
  21. Golf shoes
  22. Girl Scout uniform
  23. Gaiter:
    a leg covering on boots or shoes
  24. Girdle:
    elastic undergarment
  25. Gartini:
    panty with attached garter
  26. Gallous:
  27. Gaghra:
    flared long skirt
  28. Garcon look:
    boyish fashion
  29. Grunge style:
    baggy, torn clothes
  30. Gilet:
    sleeveless jacket


  1. Garden hose
  2. Gimlet:
    T-shaped tool that bores holes
  3. Grass shears:
    pruning shears
  4. Garden fork:
    a large fork with a handle for turning over the soil
  5. Glue gun:
    a gun-shaped tool that applies hot glue
  6. Gear:
    a wheel with teeth
  7. Grappling hook:
    metal claw with a rope attached
  8. Grafting knife:
    specialized blade, usually for cutting trees
  9. Gouger:
    makes grooves or holes
  10. Gab:
    a pointed tool for stonework
  11. Grass stitcher:
    loosens the soil to prevent weeds
  12. Grinder:
    kitchen tool used to grind things like coffee beans
  13. Grabber arm:
    handheld stick tool used to grab items that are out of reach
  14. Gad:
    spike for breaking rocks

Expensive Items

  1. Gold jewelry
  2. Gucci sunglasses
  3. Guitar
  4. Golf cart
  5. Gemstones:
    precious gems
  6. Gucci handbags
  7. Gold watch
  8. Gucci jewelry
  9. Gazebo
  10. Gallery art:
    art from an art gallery
  11. Gucci wallets
  12. Givenchy:
    French luxury fashion brand

Activity: Golf Ball Characters

You can turn golf balls into a wide variety of characters, either as creative toys for your kids or as cute shelf and desk decorations!

To complete this project, you’ll just need a golf ball for each character you want to create to create, paint, glue, and googly eyes.

You might also want to have some cardboard or craft foam on hand, so you can add things like fins to fish if you’d like.

To begin, grab a golf ball and choose your base color — yellow for a chicken, grey for an elephant, pink for a pig, etc. Paint the entire golf ball with that color.

Once it dries, you can add glue on the eyes and paint or glue any other accents, like ears, wings, or hair.

This activity is simple but can provide a couple of hours of fun if you decide to paint a lot of different characters.

After they’re complete, you can give them to your kids for a homemade farm or zoo game, display them on a desk or shelf, or give them to friends and family!