Top 137 Things That Start With L: Household Items, Toys, etc

Close-up of a person's hand turning off a lamp, which starts with "l"

You can find over 100 things that start with L. We list household items, toys, clothes, and expensive items that start with this letter below!

Scroll past the list to find an activity using one of these things.

Household Items

  1. Luggage
    suitcases or other traveling bags
  2. Linens
  3. Ladder
    vertical steps used to climb up and down
  4. Lotion
    moisturizes skin
  5. Light bulb
    uses electricity to create light
  6. Library card
    used to check out library materials
  7. Lamp
    lights dark spaces
  8. Lawnchair
    outside seating
  9. Loaf pan
    rectangular pan used for baking loaf-shaped food
  10. Lunch bag
    used to transport one’s lunch
  11. Leash
    strap used to restrain or guide an animal
  12. Leather wallet
    wallet made from leather
  13. Leather bag
    purse made from leather
  14. Lockbox
    securely holds spare keys
  15. Lotion dispenser
    dispenses moisturizing cream
  16. Ladle
    serving utensil
  17. Locket
    a necklace that holds small pictures
  18. Lipstick
    colored cosmetic for lips
  19. Lunch box
    used to transport one’s lunch
  20. Loofah
    bath sponge used to clean one’s body
  21. Lip gloss
    colored or glossy cosmetic for lips
  22. Lock
    mechanism for keeping things closed
  23. Leather sofa
    couch made from leather
  24. Label
    piece attached to an item explaining what it is
  25. Lantern
  26. Lip balm
    moisturizer for one’s lips
  27. Lanyard
    key holder
  28. Laundry basket
    container for laundry
  29. Lapel pin
    small pin typically worn on the lapel of a jacket
  30. Lace
    delicate fabric with holes that make up a pattern
  31. Lacquer
    protective coating for wood or metal
  32. Laminated paper
    paper with plastic covering
  33. Lacing needle
    specialty needle used to create lace
  34. Labelmaker
    device used to create labels
  35. Lacrosse sticks
    handheld poles with triangular forms at one end, used by players in the game of lacrosse
  36. Lighting
    arrangement of light sources within a space
  37. Lambrequin
    hanging shelf
  38. Laminate sheets
    plastic sheets for laminating
  39. Landline telephone
    uses a physical connection between two telecommunication devices[1]
  40. Lamé
    French ornamental fabric
  41. Laminator
    preserves paper in plastic
  42. Lattice
    screen or fence
  43. Laser pointer
    pointer that emits a beam of light
  44. Lasso
    rope with a loop on one end
  45. Latch
  46. Lathe
    a machine that shapes wood and metal
  47. Lawnmower
    cuts grass
  48. Leaf blower
    propels air to blow away leaves and other debris
  49. Latrine
  50. Ledger
    accounting journal
  51. Lemon-scented cleaner
    cleansing product with a lemony odor
  52. Letterhead
    heading printed at the top of a letter; typically one’s name and personal information
  53. Letter opener
    opens envelopes
  54. Level
  55. Leather chair
    chair made from leather
  56. Life jacket
    flotation device
  57. Lighter
    emits a small flame
  58. Lemon squeezer
    squeezes juice from lemons or other fruit
  59. Lily
  60. Liquid Gold furniture polish
    hydrates and revitalizes wood surfaces[2]
  61. Lithium batteries
    rechargeable batteries
  62. Lounge chair
    for lying or lounging around
  63. Liner notes
    in a CD case
  64. Lint
    fibers from laundry that collect in the dryer lint trap
  65. Lanai
  66. Lumbar pillow
    small round pillow
  67. Lead pencil
    mechanical pencil
  68. Lunch pail
  69. Lute
    type of string instrument


  1. LEGOs
    building blocks
  2. “Lion King” plush
  3. Lawn bowling game
    game of knocking over pins with a ball; played outside
  4. Lion plush
    soft toy lion
  5. Lincoln Logs
    building pieces resembling logs
  6. Leapfrog handheld learning game
    electronic educational game
  7. Ladybug plush
    soft toy ladybug
  8. “Little Red Riding Hood” book
    children’s fairytale
  9. “Lion King” character figurines
  10. L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz” books
    fantasy stories
  11. Land Rover riding toy
    battery-powered ride-on toy Land Rover SUV
  12. “Lassie” dog plush
    soft toy dog
  13. Launchpad for a toy rocket
    piece that rockets launch from
  14. Louie Lobster Claw Catcher Pool Toy by Melissa and Doug
    squeeze-and-grab pool toy
  15. Larry the Lobster stuffed animal by Jellycat
    soft toy lobster
  16. “Little Prince” book
    children’s fable
  17. Little Red Riding Hood costume
    clothing worn to look like Little Red Riding Hood
  18. Lamb plush
    soft toy lamb
  19. Lizard plush
    soft toy lizard
  20. Llama plush
    soft toy llama
  21. Lion figurine
  22. London Bridge puzzle
    3D puzzle of the London Bridge
  23. Lizard plastic toy
  24. Lullaby CDs
    encourage restfulness
  25. Ladybug Pull-Along by Learning Journey
    sensory toy
  26. Land Rover diecast cars
  27. London Bridge building block educational toys
    assemble to create a model of London Bridge
  28. Lewis and Clark educational books
  29. Limerick books
    book of children’s rhymes
  30. Ladybug with remote control
    remote regulates the ladybug’s movements
  31. Lumberjack Yukon Cornelius plush toy
    character from “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
  32. Lumberjack rubber ducky toys
    bath toy
  33. Lures for fishing
    attach to fishing wire to lure in fish
  34. Lumberjack moose plush by Aurora World
    soft toy moose
  35. Lyre toy
    toy harp


  1. Leather shoes
    shoes made from leather
  2. Long-sleeve t-shirt
  3. Loungewear
    comfortable house clothes
  4. Lace-up boots
    fasten closed with laces
  5. Lightweight jacket
    breathable outerwear
  6. Lounge pants
    loose pants
  7. Leggings
    stretch pants
  8. Leisurewear
    casual clothes
  9. Leather jacket
    jacket made from leather
  10. Linen pants
    made from flax fibers[3]
  11. Loafers
    shoes with a low, flat heel
  12. Lingerie
    nightwear and underwear
  13. Leotard
    one-piece bodysuit for dancers
  14. Low-rise pants
    sit low around the hips
  15. Leopard print top
    print imitates leopard spots
  16. Leather pants
    pants made from leather
  17. Leopard print dress
    print imitates leopard spots
  18. Leg warmers
    knitted leg covers
  19. Leather skirt
    skirt made from leather
  20. Leather vest
    vest made from leather
  21. Layette
    newborn baby clothes
  22. Lab coat
    white protective coat worn in a laboratory
  23. Long johns
    long underwear

Expensive Items

  1. Laptop
    portable computer
  2. Luxury watch
    high-quality timepiece, typically worn around the wrist
  3. Louis Vuitton purse
    designed by Louis Vuitton
  4. Louis Vuitton luggage
    designed by Louis Vuitton
  5. “Les Miserables” tickets
    grant admission to the “Les Miserables” musical
  6. Lakers basketball tickets
    grant admission to a Lakers basketball game
  7. Land deed
    document of land ownership
  8. Lakefront home
    built along a lake’s shoreline
  9. Land Rover
    luxury SUV
  10. Lamborghini
    luxury car

Activity: Library Scavenger Hunt

Library cards (seen in our list of household items at number six) allow you to do more than just check out books.

You can do online research, use study rooms, read magazines and newspapers, and even check out movies and music!

Use your library card for this activity — a library scavenger hunt!

The activity is simple. Follow our list of challenges below and see how many items you can collect at the library. Look for the following items (many of which are also L-themed):

  • A movie on DVD or Blu-ray with a title that starts with the letter L
  • A book with a face on the cover
  • A book starting with the letter L that was published before the year 2000
  • A book by an author whose last name starts with the letter L
  • A book with a blue and/or yellow cover
  • An autobiography of someone whose first or last name begins with L
  • A music CD with one or more Ls in the title
  • A book of recipes that includes a recipe for lasagna

Once you have your stack, check them out and enjoy! This is a fun way to find things you may not have otherwise checked out from the library.

  1. “What is a Landline?” EasyTechJunkies[]
  2. “Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care,” Scott’s Liquid Gold[]
  3. “What is Linen Fabric? Linen vs. Cotton,” the spruce[]

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