Top 87 Things That Start With K: Toys, Clothing, Tools, etc

Keys, which start with "k," resting on a countertop

There are more than 80 things that start with K — some of which you can find around your own house!

See our list below, or scroll past the list for an activity related to the letter K.

Household Items

  1. Key
  2. Kleenex
  3. Keepsake
  4. Keychain
  5. Kerchief
  6. Kettle:
    a container for boiling water
  7. Key fob:
    unlocks doors electronically
  8. Kitchenette:
    table and chairs
  9. Kitchen sink
  10. Keyboard:
    from a computer
  11. Kick stool:
    rolling step stool
  12. Kitchenware:
    kitchen utensils
  13. Knickknacks:
    household decorations
  14. Knitting patterns
  15. Knob:
  16. Kneepad
  17. Keypad
  18. Knitting yarn
  19. Knocker:
    mounted to a door so people can knock
  20. Karate belt
  21. Knapsack:
    type of bag
  22. Knife
  23. Knitting needles
  24. Kennel:
    shelter for an animal
  25. Kohl:
    type of eye makeup
  26. Knife block:
    countertop organizer for kitchen knives
  27. Kitsch:
    unusual decorative objects


  1. Kaleidoscope
  2. Kite
  3. Kinetic sand:
    moldable sand
  4. Kangaroo plush
  5. Koala plush
  6. Kazoo
  7. Ken doll
  8. Keyboard for kids:
    musical instrument
  9. Kickball
  10. Kick scooter
  11. Kitchen set
  12. Killer Whale plush
  13. Klutz Cat’s Cradle
  14. K’NEX building sets
  15. Klutz Friendship Bracelets
  16. King chess piece
  17. Klutz Glitter Clay Charms
  18. KidKraft Tasty Treats play food set
  19. Klutz LEGO Make Your Own Movie
  20. King Kong action figure
  21. Kung Fu Panda plush
  22. Knuckles plush:
    a character from Sonic the Hedgehog
  23. Kidizoom Smartwatch
  24. Kikkerland Mechanical Music Box Set
  25. Kikkerland DIY Tambourine
  26. Kikkerland Magnetic Sand Hourglass
  27. Kikkerland Make Your Own Harmonica
  28. Kaboom Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit
  29. Kahootz Toys latch rug kit
  30. KidKraft wooden easel
  31. Kahootz Toys Spirograph
  32. Klutz Make Your Own Mini Erasers


  1. Knitted scarf
  2. Knitted hat
  3. Knitted sweater
  4. Khaki pants
  5. Knitted socks
  6. Keffiyeh:
    traditional Arabic scarf
  7. Knitted gloves
  8. Knee-high boots
  9. Kilt:
    knee-length wrap worn by Scottish men
  10. Kimono:


  1. Keyhole saw:
    long, narrow saw
  2. Kobalt hammers
  3. Kobalt screwdrivers
  4. Kobalt drill
  5. Kobalt socket set
  6. Kobalt saws
  7. Kobalt wrenches
  8. Klein pliers
  9. Klein screwdrivers
  10. Klein wire strippers
  11. Knurling cutter:
    cuts patterns on steel

Expensive Items

  1. Kayak:
    small, narrow boat
  2. Kohler bathroom and kitchen products
  3. Korg Synthesizer:
  4. Kurzweil Music Systems Keyboard
  5. Kiln:
    oven used for pottery
  6. Katharometer:
    measures thermal conductivity
  7. Keratoscope:
    used to examine the eye

Activity: Spell Your Name With Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand can be molded, shaped, and stamped in so many ways.

For young children, using kinetic sand can be a fun way to learn their own name! (Bonus points if the name starts with the letter K, too!)

Letter stamps designed for use with kinetic sand can be helpful for this activity.

The child will need to find the correct stamps, flatten the sand, create letters using the stamps, and then put the letters in the right order.

If you don’t have any letter stamps on hand, kinetic sand is shapable! Help your child shape the sand to create each letter and spell their name.

You might find it easiest to use capital letters if shaping the sand yourself. You could also use a stick or pencil to write in the sand!

For added fun, turn this into an excavation activity! Hide the letters in kinetic sand. (You can use stamps, alphabet fridge magnets, or any other type of physical letter.)

The child will need to dig to find the letters, make sure they have the correct letters, and place them in the right order.

Kinetic sand can be a great tool for a wide variety of learning activities, like learning numbers or (if your child isn’t quite old enough to take on spelling) learning the letters of the alphabet.