Top 157 Things That Start With M: Tools, Toys, Household Items, etc

Close-up of person's hand placing a magnet on the refrigerator

Below, find the list of 150+ things that start with the letter M, from household items to serious luxuries.

In addition to the list, we have an activity that uses one of these “M” items!

Household Items

  1. Marker
    soft-tip writing utensil
  2. Magnet
    forms a magnetic field[1]
  3. Mattress
    used for sleeping on
  4. Mobile phone
    cell phone
  5. Microwave
    warms food using electromagnetic waves
  6. Mirror
    reflective surface
  7. Mug
    used for drinking
  8. Makeup
    cosmetics applied to the face to enhance one’s appearance
  9. Martini glasses
    cocktail glass
  10. Mixer
    for mixing food ingredients
  11. Mason jar
    glass jar
  12. Magazine
    periodical publication featuring articles and other materials
  13. Movies
    film shown in a theater or on TV
  14. Mop
    for cleaning floors
  15. Matchbook
    a small box of matches
  16. Measuring cups
    used to measure recipe ingredients
  17. Mask
    face covering
  18. Mug tree
    countertop stand with pegs designed to hold mugs
  19. Mouse
    computer accessory
  20. Magnifying glass
    enlarges the view of objects
  21. Mattress topper
    additional padding laid over a mattress
  22. Measuring spoons
    used to measure recipe ingredients
  23. Mold
    used to cook things in certain shapes, such as cakes
  24. Mahogany table
    crafted from a dark red-brown wood
  25. Mat
    including placemats, doormats, or yoga mats
  26. Map
    drawn or printed representation of an area
  27. Makeup bag
    used to hold and transport makeup
  28. Mattress cover
    durable, fitted sheet used to protect a mattress
  29. Macramé
    woven plant hangers and wall hangings
  30. Magnolia flowers
    medicinal flowers; native to Asia and the Americas[2]
  31. Mahogany bed
    crafted from a dark red-brown wood
  32. Magazine rack
    display rack for magazines
  33. Mailbox
    used to send and receive mail
  34. Mahogany cabinet
    crafted from a dark red-brown wood
  35. Mascara
    applied to the eyelashes
  36. Mahogany chair
    crafted from a dark red-brown wood
  37. Makeup case
    used to hold and transport makeup
  38. Manila folder
    thin, yellow folder with no pockets
  39. Mantle
    a shelf over a fireplace
  40. Marble countertop
    metamorphic rock used as a kitchen countertop[3]
  41. Matches
    wooden stick for fire-starting
  42. Material
  43. Matte paint
    flat, not shiny
  44. Mail organizer
    organizes mail and office supplies
  45. Mauve blanket
    dusty pink color
  46. Mechanical pencil
    pencil with replaceable lead
  47. Makeup organizer
    organizes makeup and other beauty products
  48. Medal
  49. Media center
    storage and display for electronics
  50. Media player
    CD and DVD players
  51. Medicine
    used to treat illness or injury
  52. Memorabilia
  53. Memory card
    stores electronic files
  54. Meter for utilities
    measures gas and electric use
  55. Metronome
    marks time when playing music
  56. Michelangelo art print
    printed reproduction of a Michaelangelo painting or sculpture
  57. Microphone
    amplifies sound
  58. Mistletoe
    winter plant with green leaves and berries
  59. Money belt
    belt with pockets
  60. Moneybox
    locking box with storage for bills and coins
  61. Muffin pan


  1. Measuring tape
    measures the length of an item
  2. Masking tape
    multi-purpose adhesive tape
  3. Metal detector
    detects metal objects
  4. Mallet
    hammer that hits a chisel
  5. Maul
    two-handed hammer
  6. Mower
    used to cut grass
  7. Monkeywrench
    adjustable wrench
  8. Mitre square
    two blades with a fixed, squared angle
  9. Mattock
    large pick
  10. Microscope
    enlarges the view of small objects
  11. Mercury thermometer
    takes the temperature


  1. Marbles
    small, glass orbs
  2. Military action figures
  3. Makeup for playing dress-up
    brightly-colored children’s makeup
  4. Mickey Mouse toys
  5. “Mighty Morphin Powers Rangers” action figures
  6. Minion figurines
    “Despicable Me” character
  7. Minnie Mouse plush
    soft toy Minnie Mouse
  8. Macaw
    parrot toy
  9. Muppets toys and games
    from “The Muppets” movies
  10. Mail carrier dress-up costume
    clothing worn to look like a postal worker
  11. “Maleficent” Disney movie
  12. Mallard duck plush
    soft toy duck
  13. Malt Shop by Play-Doh
    vintage Play-Doh set
  14. Malt shop toy for Barbie
    vintage Barbie play set
  15. Manatee plush
    soft toy manatee
  16. Mandolin toy
    stringed instrument
  17. Mark Twain books
  18. Martial arts costume
    clothing worn to look like a martial arts expert
  19. Maurice Sendak books
    children’s picture books
  20. Meerkat plush
    soft toy meerkat
  21. Mermaid costume
    clothing worn to look like a mermaid
  22. Mermaid toy
  23. “Mickey Mouse” DVDs
  24. Mickey Mouse plush
    soft toy Micky Mouse
  25. Medieval costume
    clothing worn to look like someone from Medieval times
  26. “Mighty Morphin Powers Rangers” movie
  27. Milk bottle for dolls
  28. Minecraft video game
  29. Miniature furniture for dollhouse
  30. Minion plush
    “Despicable Me” character
  31. Missile boat educational toy
  32. Missile truck toy
  33. Mitt
    a protective glove worn during certain sports
  34. Mood ring
    changes color depending on your mood
  35. Mop for kids
  36. Monkey plush
    soft toy monkey
  37. Monopoly board game
  38. Motorcycle riding toys
  39. Moose plush
    soft toy moose
  40. Moose Toys brand action figures, crafts, games, and toys
  41. Motorcycle diecast toys
  42. Mousetrap classic game
  43. “Muppet Babies” playroom figure set
  44. Muppets plush
    soft toy Muppet
  45. Muscle diecast car toys
  46. Muscle Hyperchargers remote control cars
  47. Music box
  48. Mythology stories
    books about historic or cultural myths


  1. Mittens
    hand coverings
  2. Microfleece jacket
    made from soft, lightweight synthetic fabric
  3. Maxi dress
    ankle-length dress
  4. Mid-calf boots
  5. Maxi skirt
    ankle-length skirt
  6. Maternity clothes
    clothes for pregnant women
  7. Mary Janes
    low-cut, closed-toe shoes with a strap across the top of the foot
  8. Miniskirt
    short skirt
  9. Motorcycle jacket
    leather jacket with zips and studs
  10. Mock neck shirt
    similar to a turtleneck, but doesn’t fold over
  11. Mini dress
    short dress
  12. Motorcycle boots
    leather boots with a low heel
  13. Moccasins
    soft, leather slippers or shoes
  14. Macintosh
  15. Mules
    a shoe with no back
  16. Maillot
    one-piece bathing suit or leotard
  17. Mandarin collar shirt
    has a small, fitted collar with no fold
  18. Mantle
    long cape
  19. Military belt
    worn across the shoulder
  20. Mukluks
    a soft-soled, high boot
  21. Muumuu
    a loose dress, usually with a brightly-colored pattern
  22. Mandals
    masculine sandals
  23. Meggings
    leggings for men

Expensive Items

  1. Marc Jacobs luxury fashion
  2. Mercedes-Benz cars
  3. Mustang GT by Ford
  4. Mickey Mouse original vintage poster
  5. Motorboat
  6. Motorhome
  7. M2 through 9 series cars by BMW
  8. Maserati MC12
  9. McLaren MP4-12C car
  10. Metropolitan Opera House season tickets
  11. Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Mickey as Elton John statue
  12. Mickey Mouse and Goofy vintage comics
  13. Mickey Mouse and Minnie by Charlotte Clark dolls from the 1930s
  14. Murano glass
    hand-crafted glass vases, bowls, sculptures, and other items from Italy

Activity: Microwaved Desserts

Did you know that you don’t necessarily need an oven to bake? You can do it in the microwave!

Using a mug or another small container, you can make brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, bread pudding, and cakes, among other things.

Whether you live in a dorm, want a single-serving dessert, or simply don’t want to use your oven, you can find tons of recipes for microwavable desserts online.

A few favorites that we found in our research include Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake, Microwave Brownies, and Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies. All of these recipes are relatively simple, straightforward, and quick to make.

Keep the following tips in mind when baking in the microwave:

  • Check your dessert often. Stop your microwave every so often to check that your dessert isn’t baking unevenly or overcooking. Baking times will vary depending on your microwave’s wattage and condition.
  • Always use a microwave-safe container. Ceramic and stoneware dishes are the best options.
  • Use an appropriately-sized container. Most microwaves have a spinning tray inside, so you’ll need to choose a dish small enough that it doesn’t stop that tray from spinning. Be sure not to use too small of a container, though, so your dessert doesn’t bake over and make a mess in your microwave!
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