Top 91 Things That Start With N: Toys, Clothing, etc

Woman using red nail polish to paint her nails

The things that start with the letter N range from napkins to narwhals!

We list more than 90 household items, clothing items, and more that begin with N below. Scroll past the list for an activity using one of these items.

Household Items

  1. Nickel
  2. Napkin
  3. Necklace
  4. Nail
  5. Night light:
    gives off dim light at night
  6. Novel:
  7. Noteholder
  8. Notebook
  9. Nail clippers
  10. Notepad
  11. Notepaper
  12. Nozzle:
    cylindrical spout found on pipes and hoses
  13. Nail polish
  14. Notebook computer:
    small laptop
  15. Nail lamp:
    for gel nails
  16. Nightstand:
    small bedside table
  17. Newspaper
  18. Napery:
    dining table linens
  19. Napkin ring
  20. Neckband headphones
  21. Nail file
  22. Newspaper rack:
    specialized shelf designed to hold newspapers and magazines
  23. Net
  24. Nameplate:
    metal plate engraved with your name
  25. Number plate:
    license plate
  26. Nasal aspirator:
    clears nostrils
  27. Nailbrush
  28. Nebulizer:
    administers medication as a mist
  29. Nose ring:
    jewelry for a nose piercing
  30. Nasal spray:
    antihistamine spray for allergy treatment
  31. Needlepoint:
  32. Needlework:
    sewing or embroidery
  33. Nose guard:
    protects the nose from injury
  34. Nutrition supplements:
    capsules, powders, or beverages that offer vitamins and minerals
  35. Notarized documents:
    certified by a notary public
  36. Nest
  37. Nutcracker:
    cracks nutshells
  38. Noodle for swimming
  39. Noisemaker
  40. Nutshell


  1. Neon markers
  2. Neon chalk
  3. Nintendo Game Boy
  4. Nerf blaster
  5. Nerf ball
  6. Nascar toy cars
  7. Neon Play-Doh
  8. Number puzzles
  9. Nurse playset
  10. Neon paint
  11. Neon crayons
  12. Neon glitter gel pens
  13. Neon molding sand
  14. Nemo plush:
    Finding Nemo character
  15. Nemo action figures
  16. Ninja costume
  17. Neon construction paper
  18. Neon oil pastels
  19. Nori the Narwhal:
    Ty Beanie Boos character
  20. Narwhal plush
  21. Necklace kit:
    make necklaces
  22. Ninja Turtles action figures:
    characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  23. Narwhal and Jelly book and puppet set
  24. Narwhal and Jelly finger puppet set
  25. Nadia Narwhal Squeezamals
  26. Naruto manga series
  27. Narwhal coloring book
  28. Nesting dolls
  29. Neopets:
    virtual pet
  30. Nesting cups


  1. Nightclothes:
  2. Novelty socks:
    socks with fun patterns
  3. Nightshirt
  4. Nightgown
  5. Necktie
  6. Nylons:
  7. Necklet:
    necklace clasp designed to keep layered necklaces from tangling
  8. Negligee:
  9. Nightie
  10. Novelty t-shirt:
    funny, printed t-shirt
  11. Neckerchief:
  12. Nurse scrubs
  13. Nurse shoes

Expensive Items

  1. NARS cosmetics
  2. Neiman Marcus designer clothes
  3. Nicole Miller designer clothing
  4. Nicole Miller leather jacket
  5. Nicole Miller designer handbags
  6. Neiman Marcus designer handbags
  7. New York theater tickets
  8. Natalia by DiMora: a luxury car

Activity: Newspaper Crafts

There are many ways to use old newspapers other than for packing or paper mache.

If you don’t have any newspapers around your house, you can find inexpensive ones at the dollar store, or for free at the entrance of some local grocery stores and restaurants.

Consider the following crafts for a fun afternoon or weekend activity:

  • Newspaper flowers: Cut newspaper into circles and other shapes. Paint them with watercolors and layer them together to make decorative flowers. You can even roll the paper into a rose-like shape to create a bouquet!
  • Newspaper flower pots: Shape the newspaper into a cup-like shape, add dirt, and when your seedlings grow enough to plant, you can plant the newspaper along with them! The newspaper will decompose underground and won’t do any harm to the plant.
  • Newspaper paintings: Cover a canvas or piece of cardboard with newspaper to add a unique backdrop to a painting. You can paint a person, animal, or landscape over the newspaper, letting some of the words peek through. This type of art makes the perfect addition to an office, home library, or kid’s bedroom!