Top 69 Things That Start With O: Toys, Clothing, Household Items, etc

Blue oven mitts, which start with "o," resting on a wood table

Below, we list more than 60 things that start with the letter O — household items, toys, and more.

Beneath the list, find an activity that uses one of these items!

Household Items

  1. Office chair
    designed for deskwork
  2. Ornament
    used to decorate a Christmas tree
  3. Oval-shaped serving dish
    used to serve food
  4. Opener
    opens bottles or cans
  5. Ottoman
  6. Oven mitt
    used to protect hands when cooking
  7. Oilcloth
    type of fabric used for tablecloths and shelf liner
  8. Ovenware
    dishes for baking
  9. Oil pastels
    oil-based crayons
  10. Omelet pan
    used when frying eggs
  11. Oil and vinegar dispenser set
    glass bottles with spouts for making fresh dressing
  12. Oven cleaner
    cleanser for the interior of an oven
  13. Organizer
    used to neatly store items
  14. Oven
    heats food
  15. Ointment
    cream used for cuts and burns
  16. Omelet maker
    small kitchen appliance for cooking omelets
  17. Oil
    lubricating substance
  18. Optical glass
    used for eyeglass lenses
  19. O-ring
    rubber ring used to seal gaps
  20. Origami crane
    bird made of folded paper
  21. Oar
    wooden paddle for a boat
  22. Oil paints
    contain pigment and oil
  23. Oil-paper
    special paper for art projects
  24. Oolong tea
    traditional Chinese tea[1]
  25. Opal
    white stone found on jewelry
  26. Opera CD
  27. Orchid
    decorative flower
  28. Overmantle
    decoration above fireplace


  1. Orange crayon
    used to color something orange
  2. Olaf plush
    “Frozen” character
  3. Otter plush
    soft toy otter
  4. Owl plush
    soft toy owl
  5. Off-road remote control Jeep
    remote regulates the Jeep’s movements
  6. Ocean squirts
    water-squirting bath toys
  7. Ocean animals toy set
  8. Orangutan plush
    soft toy orangutan
  9. Operation
    board game
  10. Orca plush
    stuffed whale
  11. Outlet cover
    conceals an outlet’s electrical wiring
  12. Octopus kite
    flown outside on a windy day
  13. Outdoor explorer kit
    adventure kit with flashlight, compass, and binoculars
  14. Obstacle course
    racecourse where you run, jump, climb, and crawl
  15. Ocean Raiders
    educational math board game
  16. Outlet caps
    small plastic pieces that babyproof electrical sockets
  17. Octopus plush
    soft toy octopus
  18. Officer costume
    clothing worn to look like an officer
  19. Oboe
    instrument similar to a clarinet
  20. Ocean water beads
    soft, jelly-like blue and green beads
  21. Once Upon a Zombie doll
    zombie fashion doll
  22. Optimus Prime action figure
    “Transformers” character
  23. Oscar the Grouch figure
    “Sesame Street” character
  24. Ostrich plush
    soft toy ostrich
  25. Owen Grady action figure
    “Jurassic World” character


  1. Outerwear
    coats and jackets
  2. Overcoat
    heavy winter coat
  3. One-piece swimsuit
    swimwear that covers the torso
  4. Open-toe shoes
    shoes with an opening over the toes
  5. Overalls
    loose-fitting pants with a chest flap and shoulder straps
  6. Over-the-knee boots
    thigh-high boots
  7. Overskirt
    a detachable skirt commonly worn by brides
  8. Orthopedic shoes
    specially designed to support the foot and ankle
  9. Oxfords
    a style of shoe
  10. Oilskin hat
    waterproof hat
  11. Overshoe
    shoe cover that protects feet from water or snow
  12. Oilskin coat
    waterproof coat

Expensive Items

  1. Outboard motor
    motor mounted to the back of a small boat
  2. Otoscope
    used by doctors to examine the ear
  3. Ophthalmoscope
    used by doctors to examine the eye
  4. Oscilloscope
    used to view electric currents on a screen

Activity: Oilcloth Crafts

Oilcloth is useful for more than just tablecloths and shelf liners. If you know how to sew, you can make a lot of different things out of oilcloth!

Its coating makes it durable, which means it’s a great fabric for items you’ll use often.

Consider the following craft projects that use oilcloth.

  • Bags: You can find tons of patterns online to make bags out of oilcloth, including reusable grocery bags, weekenders, bike bags, makeup bags, totes, and lunch bags.
  • Aprons: You can make adult- or child-sized aprons out of oilcloth. By making your own apron, you can customize it to your needs with as many pockets and straps as you want!
  • Cases: Use oilcloth to make a protective case to store your e-reader or tablet when you aren’t using it. You can also make pencil cases from oilcloth.
  • Chair covers and cushions: Covering a chair or cushion with oilcloth will add some water resistance, which is great for outdoor furniture in particular.
  1. “What is Oolong Tea and What Benefits Does it Have?” healthline[]

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