Top 69 Things That Start With O: Toys, Clothing, Household Items, etc

Blue oven mitts, which start with "o," resting on a wood table

Below, we list more than 60 things that start with the letter O — household items, toys, and more.

Beneath the list, find an activity that uses one of these items!

Household Items

  1. Office chair
  2. Ornament:
    used to decorate a Christmas tree
  3. Oval-shaped serving dish
  4. Opener:
    opens bottles or cans
  5. Ottoman:
  6. Oven mitt:
    used to protect hands when cooking
  7. Oilcloth:
    type of fabric used for tablecloths and shelf liner
  8. Ovenware:
    dishes for baking
  9. Oil pastels:
    oil-based crayons
  10. Omelette pan
  11. Oil and vinegar dispenser set:
    glass bottles with spouts for making fresh dressing
  12. Oven cleaner
  13. Organizer:
    used to neatly store items
  14. Oven
  15. Ointment:
    cream used for cuts and burns
  16. Omelette maker:
    small kitchen appliance for cooking omelettes
  17. Oil
  18. Optical glass:
    used for eyeglass lenses
  19. O-ring:
    rubber ring used to seal gaps
  20. Origami crane:
    bird made of folded paper
  21. Oar:
    wooden paddle for a boat
  22. Oil paints
  23. Oil-paper:
    special paper for art projects
  24. Oolong tea
  25. Opal:
    white stone found on jewelry
  26. Opera CD
  27. Orchid:
    decorative flower
  28. Overmantle:
    decoration above fireplace


  1. Orange crayon
  2. Olaf plush:
    Frozen character
  3. Otter plush
  4. Owl plush
  5. Off-road remote control Jeep
  6. Ocean squirts:
    water-squirting bath toys
  7. Ocean animals toy set
  8. Orangutan plush
  9. Operation:
    board game
  10. Orca plush:
    Stuffed whale
  11. Outlet cover
  12. Octopus kite
  13. Outdoor explorer kit:
    adventure kit with flashlight, compass, and binoculars
  14. Obstacle course:
    racecourse where you run, jump, climb, and crawl
  15. Ocean Raiders:
    educational math board game
  16. Outlet caps:
    small plastic pieces that babyproof electrical sockets
  17. Octopus plush
  18. Officer costume
  19. Oboe:
    instrument similar to a clarinet
  20. Ocean water beads:
    soft, jelly-like blue and green beads
  21. Once Upon Zombie doll
  22. Optimus Prime action figure:
    Transformers character
  23. Oscar the Grouch figure:
    Sesame Street character
  24. Ostrich plush
  25. Owen Grady action figure:
    Jurassic World character


  1. Outerwear:
    coats and jackets
  2. Overcoat:
    heavy winter coat
  3. One-piece swimsuit
  4. Open-toe shoes
  5. Overalls
  6. Over-the-knee boots
  7. Overskirt:
    a detachable skirt commonly worn by brides
  8. Orthopedic shoes:
    specially designed to support the foot and ankle
  9. Oxfords:
    a style of shoe
  10. Oilskin hat:
    waterproof hat
  11. Overshoe:
    shoe cover that protects feet from water or snow
  12. Oilskin coat:
    waterproof coat

Expensive Items

  1. Outboard motor:
    motor mounted to the back of a small boat
  2. Otoscope:
    used by doctors to examine the ear
  3. Ophthalmoscope:
    used by doctors to examine the eye
  4. Oscilloscope:
    used to view electric currents on a screen

Activity: Oilcloth Crafts

Oilcloth is useful for more than just tablecloths and shelf liners. If you know how to sew, you can make a lot of different things out of oilcloth!

Its coating makes it durable, which means it’s a great fabric for items you’ll use often.

Consider the following craft projects that use oilcloth.

  • Bags: You can find tons of patterns online to make bags out of oilcloth, including reusable grocery bags, weekenders, bike bags, makeup bags, totes, and lunch bags.
  • Aprons: You can make adult- or child-sized aprons out of oilcloth. By making your own apron, you can customize it to your needs with as many pockets and straps as you want!
  • Cases: Use oilcloth to make a protective case to store your e-reader or tablet when you aren’t using it. You can also make pencil cases from oilcloth.
  • Chair covers and cushions: Covering a chair or cushion with oilcloth will add some water resistance, which is great for outdoor furniture in particular.