Top 27 Things That Start With Q: Toys, Clothing, etc

Pile of quarter coins, which start with q

Below, we list the household items, toys, and clothing items that start with the letter Q!

As one of the less-common letters of the alphabet, there aren’t dozens of items that start with Q, but we’ve compiled over 20.

Below the list, find an activity related to one of these Q items.

Household Items

  1. Quarter:
    25-cent coin
  2. Q-tip:
    cotton swab
  3. Quarter-cup measuring cup:
    1/4 cup
  4. Quilt:
  5. Quart saucepan:
    a pan that holds a one-quart amount
  6. Quiver:
    holds arrows for a bow and arrow
  7. Quart jar:
    a jar that holds one quart
  8. Quill:
    large feather; can be dipped in ink and used to write
  9. Quarterstaff:
    a wooden staff around six to nine feet long
  10. Quilting needle
  11. Quartz clock:
    uses an electronic oscillator and quartz crystal to keep time


  1. Queen’s play crown
  2. Queen doll
  3. Quest games
  4. Quacking duck stuffed animal by Melissa & Doug
  5. Quacking duck pen by Kikkerland
  6. Queen chess piece
  7. Q-Man:
    bendable rubber person-shaped toy
  8. Q-BA-Maze building set
  9. Queen’s castle
  10. Qwirkle board game
  11. Q-BA-Maze marble maze


  1. Quarter strap shoes:
    women’s shoes with an ankle strap
  2. Quick-dry shirt
  3. Quicksilver t-shirt
  4. Quilted jacket
  5. Quinceanera dress:
    formal gown worn during a girl’s 15th birthday celebration

Activity: Designing a Quilt

One of the most common items that starts with the letter Q is quilted fabric, whether it be a quilted jacket, quilted dress, or a hand-made quilt for bedding.

For this activity, you’ll answer: if you were to design a quilted blanket, what would it look like?

  • Step 1: Gather your supplies. You’ll need a sheet of paper, a ruler, and some colored pencils, crayons, or markers.
  • Step 2: Draw a large square or rectangle on the piece of paper. This will be the outline of your quilt design!
  • Step 3: Draw lines inside your rectangle or square to create a grid. Use your ruler to draw straight vertical and horizontal lines to create new squares inside of the rectangle or square you drew in step two. These will be the squares of your quilt!
  • Step 4: Fill your squares! You can draw pictures, use different colors, fill them in with shapes (like stars or hearts)… the design is up to you! Your quilt should reflect what you like, so use your favorite colors, animals, flowers, or characters for inspiration.