Top 171 Things That Start With P: Household Items, Toys, Clothing, etc

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Find more than 150 things that start with the letter P below.

We also have a cool activity related to one of the things that begin with P!

Household Items

  1. Pen
  2. Pillow
  3. Penny
    one-cent coin
  4. Pair of scissors
  5. Post-it
    a brand of sticky note
  6. Phone
  7. Paper
  8. Plastic bottle
  9. Pillowcase
  10. Packing tape
    wide, box-sealing tape
  11. Plastic cup
  12. Paintbrush
  13. Pot
  14. Pan
  15. Potholder
    fabric that protects hands from hot dishes and pans
  16. Platter
    large plate for serving food
  17. Paper plate
  18. Pasta maker
    small kitchen appliance for making fresh noodles
  19. Pencil
  20. Paperclip
  21. Plunger
  22. Package
  23. Paperback book
  24. Popcorn machine
  25. Pepper grinder
  26. Paper cup
  27. Pitcher
    a container used to store and pour drinks
  28. Pizza cutter
    a rolling blade used to cut pizza
  29. Pencil sharpener
  30. Paint
  31. Palette
    a thin board that holds paint
  32. Pacifier
  33. Padlock
  34. Page
  35. Pickling jars
  36. Printer
  37. Purse
  38. Pomade
    hair styling product
  39. Photograph
  40. Poetry book
  41. Plastic cutlery
    plastic forks, knives, and spoons
  42. Postcard
  43. Phillips-head screw
    a screw with a cross-shaped slot in the top
  44. Picture frame
  45. Purse hanger
  46. Pram
    baby carriage
  47. Paperweight
    a small, heavy item that holds loose papers in place
  48. Photo album
  49. Phillips-head screwdriver
    used to tighten or loosen Phillips-head screws
  50. Party decorations
  51. Power strip
    a multi-socket electrical plug
  52. Powder compact
  53. Paddle
  54. Pouf
    a soft, stuffed footrest
  55. Patio furniture
  56. Pestle
    a small kitchen tool used for grinding spices
  57. Pillbox
    a small case that holds medications
  58. Pipe
    a metal or plastic tube used to carry liquids like water
  59. Pail
    metal bucket
  60. Patio swing
  61. Plant
  62. Pliers
    hand tool used to hold or bend objects
  63. Portrait
    a drawing, painting, or photo of a person
  64. Pocketknife
  65. Potted plant
  66. Power washer
    a high-pressure sprayer used to clean concrete and other outdoor surfaces
  67. Photocopy
  68. Pincushion
    a small, stuffed item for storing pins and needles
  69. Projector
    displays photos or videos onto a screen
  70. Panini press
    a special grill for sandwiches
  71. Pebble
    small rock used in landscaping
  72. Pendent
    a small, decorative piece that hangs on a necklace or earring
  73. Potpourri
    a mix of dried flowers and spices
  74. Pin
    decorative jewelry that you pin to your shirt
  75. Penlight
    a small flashlight shaped like a pen
  76. Pattern
    used for sewing
  77. Pawn
    chess piece
  78. Pushpin
  79. Pennant
    small, triangular flag
  80. Phonebook
  81. Photocopier
  82. Plaque
    metal sign engraved with words
  83. Popsicle stick
  84. Porch swing
  85. Protractor
    used to draw and measure angles


  1. Play food
  2. Plane model
  3. Pool floats
  4. Puppy plush
  5. Playpen
  6. Panda plush
  7. Penguin plush
  8. Princess tiara
  9. Push and go cars
  10. Peppa Pig plush
  11. Ping pong set
  12. Pirate doll
  13. Playing cards
  14. Play kitchen set
  15. Playset
  16. Puppet
  17. Pogo stick
  18. Pirate costume
  19. Puzzle
  20. PAW Patrol character action figures
  21. PJ Masks Headquarters playset
  22. Peppa Pig family figurines
  23. PJ Masks toy vehicles
  24. Pony figurine
  25. Pillow Pets
  26. Paper doll
  27. Pig plush
  28. Poopsie Slime Surprise
  29. Paddleball
  30. Pit balls
  31. Polly Pocket
  32. PAW Patrol remote control vehicles
  33. Pac-Man game
  34. PJ Masks plush
  35. Perler beads
  36. Power Rangers action figures
  37. Pinwheel
    a colorful paper or plastic toy that spins in the wind
  38. Pony plush
  39. Pool cue
    a stick used when playing pool


  1. Pants
  2. Pajamas
  3. Pullover sweatshirt
  4. Pocket tee
    t-shirt with a pocket on the chest
  5. Pantsuit
  6. Printed tee
    t-shirt with graphic design on the front
  7. Pumps
    high heel shoe
  8. Printed blouse
  9. Pinstripe suit
  10. Petite pants
  11. Peacoat
  12. Pleated skirt
  13. Pinstripe pants
  14. Parka
  15. Polo shirt
    a short-sleeved, collared shirt with buttons at the neck
  16. Petite dress
  17. Peep toe shoes
  18. Party dress
  19. Printed dress
  20. Plaid skirt
  21. Petite top
  22. Pull-on shoes
  23. Peplum top
    fitted on top and flares at the waist
  24. Peasant top
    blouse with puffed sleeves and square neck
  25. Pantyhose
  26. Pinafore
    dress cover similar to an apron
  27. Patchwork coat
  28. Plaid pants
  29. Pleated pants
  30. Playsuit
    an all-in-one, soft garment that covers the body, arms, and legs
  31. Peter Pan collar
    a flat collar with rounded ends
  32. Pintuck dress
    a dress with narrow, small pleats
  33. Platform shoes
  34. Pointed-toe shoes
  35. Pork pie hat
    a hat with a flat top and curled brim
  36. Poncho
    a large, square fabric or plastic garment with a hole in the middle for the wearer’s head
  37. Pillbox hat
    women’s hat with a flat top and no brim
  38. Peasant dress
    dress with puffed sleeves and square neck
  39. Panama hat
    a light-colored, tightly-woven hat made from straw
  40. Poodle skirt
    a long, full skirt with a poodle embroidered on it
  41. Painters bib
    a type of overalls
  42. Palazzo pants
    wide-leg pants
  43. Parachute pants
    casual, baggy pants with an elastic or drawstring waist

Expensive Items

  1. Perfume
  2. Pearl necklace
  3. Prom dress
  4. Piano

Activity: Paper Cup Crafts

Paper cups are inexpensive (you may already have some around your house!) and can be used for a wide variety of crafts — many of which are easy for kids!

We detail some of the popular paper cup crafts below.

  • Miniature plant hangers: Wrap the top edge of the cup (below the lip) in ribbon and attach strings so the cup can hang. Add a small plant or fake flower as decor.
  • Animals: Turn a paper cup upside down and paint it or add things like googly eyes and felt rabbit ears to create cute animal figures! They won’t last forever since paper cups are crushable, but can provide your kids with several afternoons of fun.
  • Paper cup castle: Paint and stack paper cups to create a castle! Glue them together if you don’t want the castle to fall over, and you can cut in features like doors and windows.
  • Instruments: Fill your paper cups with different shakable things — marbles, rice, etc. Cover the top of the cup in plastic or tin foil to use them as instruments! Each filling will make a different sound. Wrap a rubber band around the plastic or foil for extra protection from spills.
  • Wind chimes: Poke a hole in the bottom of each cup. Stick a string through the hole and knot it, so the cup doesn’t fall off of the string. Attach the other end of the string to a clothes hanger. Repeat with each cup, and be sure to vary the length of the strings.

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