Top 111 Things That Start With R: Toys, Clothing, Expensive Items, etc

Close-up of a red patterned rug with white fringe

Below, we list more than 100 things that start with the letter R, from practical items like rulers to fun items like robot toys.

Scroll past the list for a crafting activity using one of the items that start with R!

Household Items

  1. Receipt
  2. Ruler
  3. Ribbon
  4. Rubber band
  5. Rug
  6. Rake
  7. Remote:
    TV controller
  8. Radio
  9. Rocking chair
  10. Rice cooker
  11. Rock:
    a piece of stone
  12. Rawhide:
    chew treats for dogs
  13. Rollerblades:
    skates with four wheels in a single line
  14. Razor
  15. Refrigerator
  16. Roadside emergency kit
  17. Range:
  18. Rope
  19. Rag:
    fabric used for cleaning
  20. Rotisserie:
    rotates meat while cooking
  21. Recliner chair
  22. Rug backing:
    rubber mat that keeps rugs from sliding on the floor
  23. Revlon make-up
  24. Roller skates:
    skates with two wheels on the front and two wheels on the back
  25. Rolling pin
  26. Runner:
    a narrow piece of fabric used to decorate a table or bed
  27. Riddle book
  28. Ravioli press
  29. Rattan furniture
  30. Reel:
    for fishing
  31. Rice paddle:
    textured, non-stick paddle for serving rice
  32. Ratchet:
    hand tool used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts
  33. Roomba:
    robotic vacuum cleaner
  34. Rack:
    stand that holds objects
  35. Repellant:
    chemicals that repel animals or insects
  36. Rocking cradle:
    a baby bed that rocks back and forth
  37. Riding mower:
    ride-on, tractor-like lawnmower
  38. Recording equipment:
    records sound or video
  39. Rock music CD
  40. Record:
    music on vinyl
  41. Racquet:
    used to hit a ball or other object in games like tennis, racquetball, and badminton
  42. Recorder:
    type of instrument
  43. Receipt organizer
  44. Roof tile
  45. Rosebud salve:
    type of lip balm
  46. Rainfly:
    tent cover which can also be used as a stand-alone shelter
  47. Rotary phone:
    landline phone with a spinning dial
  48. Racquetball:
    ball used when playing racquetball
  49. Rayon:
    type of fabric
  50. Raffle ticket
  51. Ramp:
    inclined surface; a flat alternative to stairs
  52. Rugby ball
  53. Ricrac:
    zig-zag style ribbon trim


  1. Rattle
  2. Racecar toy
  3. R/C helicopter
  4. Radio Flyer trike
  5. Razor scooter
  6. Robotics kit
  7. Rubik’s Cube
  8. Rag doll
  9. Ring toss game
  10. Ride-on toy:
    drivable toy car
  11. Robot toy
  12. Racket:
    used in games like tennis and badminton
  13. R/C car
  14. Race car model
  15. Rainbow stacker:
    rainbow made from stacking, painted wooden pieces
  16. Road Rippers:
    toy vehicles
  17. R/C boat
  18. Rocket model
  19. R2D2 figure:
    Star Wars character
  20. Rapunzel doll
  21. Rhyming games
  22. Racetrack for toy cars
  23. Radio Flyer wagon
  24. R/C airplane
  25. Reindeer plush
  26. Raptor dinosaur model
  27. Railroad toy track
  28. RISK:
    tabletop game
  29. R/C drone
  30. Reindeer figurine
  31. Reptile plush
  32. Rabbit plush
  33. Railroad conductor costume
  34. Robin Hood action figure
  35. Rodeo cowboy/cowgirl costume
  36. Roll & Bounce Tower:
    ball-rolling track
  37. Rhinocerous plush
  38. Ryan’s World toys
  39. Raccoon plush
  40. Rattleback:
    spinning plastic disc
  41. Rat plush
  42. Rummikub:
    rummy tile game


  1. Ringer tee:
    a t-shirt that has a collar and sleeve bands in a different color
  2. Running shoes
  3. Raincoat
  4. Rhinestone jewelry
  5. Robe
  6. Rain boots
  7. Rubber boots:
    waterproof boots used for hunting, farming, and fishing
  8. Ruffled blouse:
    blouse with pleated, layered fabric
  9. Raglan sleeve top:
    casual shirt with a one-piece sleeve that starts at the collar
  10. Rhinestone jacket
  11. Rugby shirt:
    a long-sleeved, striped shirt with a buttoned collar
  12. Rhinestone boots

Expensive Items

  1. Ring
  2. Raft:
    small, inflatable boat
  3. Rowing machine
  4. Rowboat

Activity: Rope Crafts

Rope is often thought of as a practical item — something you use for tying knots, as a clothesline, or for tying down tents and tarps.

However, there are also a variety of creative uses for rope. If you have some extra rope around the house, you can use it for the following crafts:

  • Rope mirror: Attach a rope to both sides of a medium-sized circular or rectangular mirror and use the rope to hang the mirror (rather than using the included hanger). This will add a nautical touch to your decor, especially if the mirror is circular like a porthole!
  • Rope planter: Upgrade your plain planters (ceramic or plastic) by wrapping them in rope. After wrapping, you can paint stripes along the lines of the rope for a cheerful and decorative touch.
  • Rope rug: Shape your rope into flat circles. Once you have several flat circles, hot glue them to a rug pad or sew their edges together to keep them in place. You can add touches of paint or twist in ribbons before you coil the rope if you’d prefer more color.
  • Rope candle holder or vase: Wrap a small rope around the bottom of a glass container, wrapping it until it covers about half of the glass. Place a candle inside for a cute, beachy candle holder, or use it as a vase.

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