Top 289 Things That Start With S: Household Items, Toys, Clothing, etc

Sunglasses and case resting on a wooden table

S is one of the most-used letters of the alphabet, so it makes sense that there would be well over 200 things that start with S!

Find these items in our list below, or scroll past the list for an activity using one of the items.

Household Items

  1. Salad bowl
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Stepstool
  4. Sink
  5. Skillet
  6. Sofa
  7. Shampoo
  8. Sleeping bag
  9. Smartphone
  10. Soap
  11. Screwdriver
  12. Scissors
  13. Scotch tape
  14. Saw
  15. Seashells
  16. Safe
    a locked cabinet
  17. Safety belt
  18. Salad fork
  19. Sandwich press
  20. Suitcase
  21. Soap dispenser
    for liquid soap
  22. Salt shaker
  23. Sewing machine
  24. Safety chain
    tiny chain that keeps a bracelet or watch from falling off
  25. Salad spinner
    dries washed lettuce by spinning
  26. Saline solution
    for storing and rinsing contact lenses
  27. Sandwich keeper
    container designed to fit a sandwich
  28. Salt grinder
  29. Safety lens goggles
    protects eyes from debris
  30. Safety fuse
    prevents overloaded circuits
  31. Salad plate
  32. Safety razor
    a guard prevents cuts
  33. Salt well
    tiny bowl for salt
  34. Salve
    treatment for burns
  35. Sandalwood scent air freshener
  36. Satellite navigation system
  37. Satin pillows
  38. Saucepan
    deep pan with a lid and long handle
  39. Saucer
    small dish to sit a cup on
  40. Shaving cream
  41. Sandpaper
  42. Satin sheets
  43. Saute pan
    skillet or frying pan
  44. Scarf pin
    decorative pin for a scarf
  45. Scented candle
  46. Scoop for ice cream
  47. Sponge
  48. Scotchgard
    protects upholstery from stains
  49. Scrabble game
  50. Scratching post for cats
  51. Sponge holder
  52. Scented sachet
    drawer freshener
  53. Scratchpad
  54. Screen printed shirt
    shirt with a printed logo or design
  55. Screw
  56. Shaving gel
  57. Scarecrow
  58. Scrunchies for hair
  59. Sculpture
  60. Sealant
    seals cracks and seams
  61. Semi-gloss paint
  62. Serum
    oil for the skin
  63. Settee
  64. Sewing kit
    needle and thread
  65. Shaving foam
  66. Satin robe
  67. Shea butter lotion
    moisturizing lotion
  68. Shed
    small storage building
  69. Shin guards for sports
  70. Shiplap
    weathered wood
  71. Shears
  72. Shoestrings
    shoe ties
  73. Shoulder pads
    cushions for shoulders
  74. Silver platter
    serving tray
  75. Silverware
    eating utensils
  76. Shoe rack
  77. Shovel
    tool for digging
  78. Showerhead
  79. Shredder
    shreds documents
  80. Silica gel
    wicks moisture from shoes and other items
  81. Sickle
    garden tool
  82. Shrubbery
  83. Silkscreen
    printing a design using a stencil
  84. Ski rack
  85. Sling chair
    canvas chair
  86. Slipcover
    fabric cover for sofas and chairs
  87. Smock
  88. Snow shovel
  89. Smoke detector
  90. Snack table
    TV tray
  91. Snowblower
    clears away snow
  92. Snow globe
  93. Soapdish
  94. Sofa bed
    sofa that turns into a bed
  95. Soundtracks
    music from movies
  96. Soup bowl
    shallow bowl for soup
  97. Spade
    sharp tool
  98. Spare tire
  99. Stamps
  100. Speakers
  101. Soup spoon
  102. Splash guard
  103. Spout
  104. Spray paint
  105. Spreadsheet
  106. Steamer
  107. Spotlight
  108. Sprinkler
    for watering the lawn
  109. Square tin
  110. Stein
    large mug with a lid
  111. Stemware
    glasses with stems
  112. Sterling silver jewelry
  113. Stockpot
    large deep pot with a lid and two handles
  114. Stopper
    bottle lid
  115. Stylus
    accessory for cell phones and tablets
  116. Styrofoam
  117. Sunblock
  118. Sweatband
  119. Sweeper
  120. Swivel chair
  121. Styptic pencil
    stops bleeding from tiny cuts


  1. Soccer ball
  2. Slime
  3. Scholastic books
  4. Star Wars action figures
  5. Snowboard
  6. Sled
  7. Slinky
  8. Sailor hat
  9. Sandbox
  10. Scooter
  11. Sailboat toys
  12. Sandbox toys
  13. Sailor suit for dress up
  14. Schoolhouse Rock DVD
  15. Samoyed dog plush
  16. Sand dollar
    small white shell
  17. Sapphire toy jewelry
  18. Saxophone toy
  19. Scattergories by Hasbro game
  20. School blackboard
  21. School classroom playset by Melissa and Doug
  22. Schooner
  23. Science fiction books
  24. Sea turtle plush
  25. Scooby-Doo DVDs
  26. Schoolhouse take along by Playmobile
  27. Scrapbook
  28. Scuba diving suit for kids
  29. Scooby-Doo plush
  30. Scorpion toy
  31. Scuba diver toys
  32. Sea Captain suit for dress up
  33. Sea otter plush
  34. Secret agent costume
  35. Security guard costume
  36. Sewing machine toy
  37. Seagull plush
  38. Shadow puppets book
    how to make shadow puppets
  39. Shark plush
  40. Shark toys
  41. Sealion plush
  42. Shaun the Sheep DVD
  43. Shaving kit toy
  44. Sing along DVDs
  45. Sheep plush
  46. Shepherd’s costume
  47. Shipwreck history books
  48. Siberian husky dog plush
  49. Sing along CDs
  50. Ski boots
  51. Skates
  52. Skateboard
  53. Skee-ball
  54. Sketchbook
  55. Saber-toothed tiger plush
  56. Sketchpad
  57. Snake rubber toys
  58. Ski mask
  59. Snake plush
  60. Skydiving toy
    plastic person with a parachute attached
  61. Skyscraper wooden building blocks
  62. Sloth plush
  63. Slots play toy
  64. Snafu maze game
  65. Snail plush
  66. Snake charmer costume
  67. Snoopy plush
  68. Snowy owl plush
  69. Sock monkey
  70. Softball
  71. Solar system toys
  72. Sombrero hat for dress up
  73. Spacesuit costume
  74. Spaceship toys
  75. Spalding basketball
  76. Solar system books
  77. Spider toys
  78. Spirograph toy
  79. Stormtrooper costume
  80. SpongeBob SquarePants toys
  81. Sports car diecast toys
  82. Stacking blocks
  83. Stars that glow in the dark
  84. Sport utility vehicle diecast toys
  85. Squeaky toys for babies
  86. Star Wars DVDs
  87. Steamboat toy
  88. Stencils
  89. Stormtrooper action figures
  90. Storybooks
  91. Stress ball
    squishy toy
  92. Submarine toy
  93. Surfboard toy
  94. Swimming pool for kids


  1. Shirt
  2. Shoes
  3. Slacks
  4. Sneakers
  5. Socks
  6. Shorts
  7. Skirt
  8. Sandals
  9. Swimsuit
  10. Scarf
  11. Slippers
  12. Shawl
    large scarf
  13. Sweater
  14. Sack dress
    loose dress
  15. Sacque
    jacket for babies
  16. Sweatshirt
  17. Safari shirt
    shirt with pleated pockets and a belt
  18. Sari
    wrap dress typically worn by Indian women
  19. Sark
    tunic or shirt
  20. Sailor pants
    button front and wide legs
  21. Sarong
    bathing suit cover
  22. Sash
  23. Scooter
    skirt with attached shorts
  24. Shapewear
    elastic undergarment
  25. Sheath
    tight dress
  26. Shellsuit
    loose top and pants
  27. Shift dress
    no defined waist
  28. Shrug
    short jacket for women
  29. Slip
    sleeveless undergarment
  30. Ski pants
    outdoor pants with suspenders to wear over street pants
  31. Skimmer pants
    cropped at the knee
  32. Skirtini
    bikini with a skirt
  33. Sheath dress
  34. Shetland wool sweater
  35. Shift dress
    not fitted
  36. Shirred waist skirt
    gathered waist
  37. Shirtwaist dress
    like a long shirt
  38. Skort
    shorts with a skirt panel in front
  39. Sleeveless shirt
  40. Slip dress
    fitted with spaghetti straps
  41. Smoking jacket
    formal velvet or silk jacket
  42. Spencer
    short jacket with long sleeves
  43. Stadium coat
    long coat
  44. Stockings
  45. Stole
    wraps around the shoulders
  46. Spandex pants
    stretchy fabric pants
  47. Spandex shirt
    stretchy fabric shirt
  48. Stirrup pants
    have a strap for the foot
  49. Stocking cap
  50. Stocking mask
    winter hat that also covers the face
  51. Suit
    formal pants or skirt and jacket
  52. Summer cardigan
    thin sweater
  53. Sunbonnet
  54. Sundress
    summer dress
  55. Sun hat
    summer hat
  56. Suspenders
    hold up pants at the waist
  57. Swimming shorts
    men’s swimwear

Expensive Items

  1. Satellite dish
  2. Saxophone
  3. Scuba diving gear
  4. Sea-Doo watercraft
  5. Sailboat
  6. Sapphire jewelry
  7. Segway
    electric transportation with two wheels
  8. Synthesizer
    modifies the sound of instruments such as guitars
  9. Signet ring
    an engraved, personalized ring
  10. Sports car
  11. Silk dress
  12. Saddle
    for a horse
  13. Saffron
  14. Sport utility vehicle
  15. Steinway piano
  16. Surfboard by Hermes
  17. Sweptail
    car by Rolls-Royce

Activity: Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great way to use your creativity, spend time crafting, and preserve memories.

Your scrapbook can be as simple as photos glued to a page, or you can embellish it with stamps, stickers, and other decorations!

We have some scrapbooking tips for beginners below.


You can create your own scrapbook by binding sheets of paper or buy a ready-made scrapbook.

Extra materials for embellishing your scrapbook can easily be found at craft stores or at the dollar store.

You can pick up stickers, stamps, ribbons, colorful markers, and even special scissors that can cut shapes into the edge of your pictures!


Personalize your scrapbook with photographs and mementos.

You can print photos from your cell phone or get an instant camera to collect snapshots of the fun places you go and people you spend time with.

Save items like ticket stubs, or draw maps and pictures to add more of a personal touch to your scrapbook.


There is no one format or design you should follow when creating a scrapbook. As noted above, it’s entirely up to you how much decoration you want to use.

You don’t even need a plan for your scrapbook — your pages don’t have to match or follow a certain theme unless you prefer it!

Don’t get too hung up on making your scrapbook perfect. The important thing is that you enjoy looking at it and that it collects your fondest memories for you to look back on.

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