Top 157 Things That Start With T: Toys, Clothing, etc

Close-up of person pouring tea from a teapot into a tea cup

Below, we list the things that start with the letter T, from common items you can find around the house to major purchases like vehicles.

Scroll past the list to find an activity using one of these things that start with T!

Household Items

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Towels
  3. Tissue
  4. Toothpaste
  5. Table
  6. Tire
  7. Toaster
  8. Textbooks
    school books
  9. Tote bag
  10. Thumb drive
    digital storage
  11. Telephone
  12. Teacup
  13. Tape
  14. Tablecloth
    table covering
  15. Teaspoon
    small measuring spoon
  16. Tape dispenser
  17. Tablespoon
    measuring spoon
  18. Tea box organizer
  19. Thread
    thin string used for sewing
  20. Tape recorder
  21. Tablet computer
    a portable computer
  22. Tea kettle
    boils water for tea
  23. Tent
    camping shelter
  24. Table tennis
  25. Tissue box cover
  26. Tableware
    serving dishes, plates, forks, and other dining items
  27. Tassel
    such as that worn on a graduation cap
  28. Tack
    small nail with a wide head
  29. Teapot
  30. Tide laundry detergent
  31. Tent stakes
    spikes that hold a tent in place on the ground
  32. Tape measure
    a flexible tool for measuring
  33. Tarp
    outdoor waterproof covering
  34. Tag
  35. Tackle
    fishing gear
  36. Tape player
    vintage music player
  37. Teacart
    rolling cart for tea
  38. Tennis racket
  39. Torch
    used in cooking, such as when making creme brulee
  40. Teakwood chair
    wooden chair
  41. Tees
    plastic or wooden peg used in golf
  42. Telephone book
    list of local phone numbers
  43. Telescope
    magnifies distant objects
  44. Tennis balls
  45. Textiles
  46. Thank you cards
    notecards for sending thanks
  47. Thermometer
    reads the temperature
  48. Thesaurus
    lists words and synonyms
  49. Thimble
    protects the fingers while sewing
  50. Throw pillow
  51. Tie rack
    tie storage
  52. Tinfoil
  53. Throw rug
  54. Thyme
  55. Tic Tacs
    breath mints
  56. Tin cup
    cup made of tin
  57. Tinsel
    thin strips of decorative foil
  58. Tissue paper
    gift wrap
  59. TV Table
    folding tray table
  60. Toaster oven
    small portable oven
  61. Tongs
    grabs food easily
  62. Toothpicks
    cleans food from teeth
  63. Toasting glasses
    stemmed glasses for special occasions
  64. Tooth guard
    worn at night by people who grind their teeth
  65. Towel rack
  66. Tote board
    note board
  67. Towelette
    disposable cleaning cloth
  68. Travel bag
  69. Trinkets
    tiny keepsakes
  70. Trophy
  71. Trunk
  72. Tulips
  73. Tumble dryer
    clothes dryer
  74. Tweezers
    remove hairs or splinters from the skin
  75. Tiffany lamp
    stained glass
  76. Typewriter


  1. Teddy bear
  2. Tea set
  3. Telescope
  4. Tiara
    princess crown for dress up
  5. Tugboat toy
  6. Tic-tac-toe game
  7. Toaster toy
  8. Tinkertoy
    construction set
  9. Temporary tattoos for kids
  10. Tow truck toy
  11. Tank figurine
    military vehicle
  12. Taxi toy car
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures
  14. Target
    for playing darts
  15. Tiger plush
  16. Tinkerbell plush
    Disney character
  17. Toy Story DVDs
  18. Tiger plastic toys
  19. Tambourine
  20. Tabby cat plush
  21. Take-apart racing car toy
  22. Tepee for indoor or outdoor play
  23. Tetherball
    ball attached to a cord on a pole; players hit the ball with paddles
  24. Tiddly Winks game
    small discs are flicked into a small container
  25. Titanic history books
  26. Trampoline
  27. Toad plush
  28. Tom Sawyer book
  29. Titanic history DVDs
  30. Tortoise plush
  31. Tyrannosaurus Rex action figure
  32. Toucan toy
  33. Toy Story plush
  34. Telephone toy
  35. Trading cards
  36. Train model
  37. Transformers toys
  38. Treasure Hunt board game
  39. Triceratops figurine
  40. Triceratops wind-up toy
  41. Trumpet toy
  42. Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skeleton model puzzle


  1. T-shirt
  2. Tank top
  3. Turtleneck shirt
  4. Tunic
    loose shirt
  5. Tracksuit
  6. Tankini
    bikini with a tank top
  7. Tube socks
    sport socks
  8. Tank dress
    sleeveless dress
  9. Trousers
  10. Thermal clothes
    retain body heat in cold weather
  11. Top
  12. Trench coat
  13. Thigh-high stockings
    socks that reach the thigh
  14. Tie
  15. Tuxedo
    a formal suit
  16. Tent dress
    a loose dress
  17. Tiered skirt
    a skirt with horizontal panels sewn together
  18. Tights
  19. Top hat
    black formal hat
  20. Trainers
  21. Treggings
    tights made of thick stretchy fabric
  22. Trumpet skirt
    has a ruffled hem
  23. Tubular scarf
    infinity scarf
  24. Tulip skirt
    sides that overlap with no seam
  25. Turban
  26. Tuxedo jacket
    a black, formal jacket
  27. Twinset
    a cardigan and matching sleeveless sweater
  28. Tailcoat
    formal tuxedo coat
  29. Tap pants
    side-cut shorts
  30. Teddy
    lacy nightgown

Expensive Items

  1. Television
  2. Toolset
  3. Tesla vehicle
  4. Tiara
  5. Tiffany & Co. jewelry
  6. Toolshed
  7. Toyota vehicle
  8. Taffeta dress
    a dress made of high-end silk or rayon fabric
  9. Trailer

Activity: Design Your Own Tote Bag

Tote bags are a staple household item, especially as more people turn away from using plastic grocery bags and choose to bring their own reusable bags to the store.

You can buy tote bags in an enormous variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics — but it’s also fun to design your own, so you can have a personalized accessory to take with you to the store, the beach, school, or your office!

We explain the steps involved with designing your own tote bag below.

  • Step 1: Choose your materials. Decide whether you want to use iron-on decals, fabric paint, markers, or embroidery to decorate your tote bag. You’ll also want to consider the tote bag material; do you want a sturdy canvas bag or a thinner cotton bag? Be sure to choose materials that are washable and designed for use on fabric.
  • Step 2: Purchase your materials. You can find the items you’ll need at craft stores or even in the craft section of the grocery store or dollar store. Online retailers like Amazon also carry a wide variety of craft supplies and tend to offer the best prices on plain tote bags.
  • Step 3: Plan your design. Sketch how you want your bag to look on a sheet of paper. You may even want to draw the design on the fabric in pencil as a guide, particularly if you are using fabric paint.
  • Step 4: Apply your design. This process will vary depending on which techniques and materials you choose.

Once you apply and finish your design, you’re ready to use your customized tote bag!

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