Top 47 Things That Start With Z: Household Items, Toys, etc

Ziploc bags, which start with "z," resting on a countertop

Z is the final letter of the alphabet and one of the least-regularly used in English. Still, there are more than 40 things that start with Z!

See our list below, and scroll past the list for a Z-related activity.

Household Items

  1. Ziploc bags
  2. Zipper
  3. Zester:
    grates citrus peels
  4. Zucchini spiralizer:
    slices zucchini into noodles
  5. Zinc oxide:
    cream for sunburn and diaper rash
  6. Zig-zag scissors:
    cut in a zig-zag pattern
  7. Zen garden:
    small tray with sand and a tiny rake for creating designs in the sand
  8. Zelda games by Nintendo
  9. Zen desk organizer
  10. Zipper pull
  11. Zodiac books
  12. Zen tabletop waterfall
  13. Zinnia:


  1. Zebra plush
  2. Zoo Talkers by Fisher-Price
  3. Zoo Animals by Learning Resources
  4. Zoo animals plush
  5. Zippy the Zebra beanie baby
  6. Zoo animals puzzle
  7. Zombie Gotcha by Mattel
  8. Zodiac Clash:
    solar system board game
  9. Zombie cartoon movies
  10. Zombie Madness playset by Monster Jam
  11. Zookeeper costume
  12. Zero plush:
    Character from The Nightmare Before Christmas
  13. Zombie plush
  14. Zillion dollars in play money
  15. Zoo boat wooden puzzle by Fat Brain Toys
  16. Zendo logic game


  1. Zip-up hoodie
  2. Zip-up boots
  3. Zippered jacket
  4. Zippered coat
  5. Zara brand clothes
  6. Zippered dress
  7. Zip-off pants
  8. Zippered snowsuit
  9. Zebra print scarf
  10. Zebra print coat
  11. Zebra print shirt
  12. Zebra print sweater
  13. Zippered sweater
  14. Zippered shirt
  15. Zoot suit:
    1940s men’s suit

Expensive Items

  1. Zoom camera lens
  2. Zager brand handmade guitars
  3. Z-car by Nissan:
    classic sports car

Activity: Zookeeper for a Day

Just about every kid loves animals, so zoo-related toys are plentiful, and you probably have at least one around your house.

To make great use of those toys (not only for fun but as learning tools), have your child become a zookeeper for a day!

There are no specific tools required for this activity; whether your kid has a plush of their favorite animal from the zoo, a puzzle, an animal figurine set, or a book about animals, they can find inspiration for their work as a zookeeper.

Have the child (or each child, if doing this activity in a group) pick a single animal. They’ll then enter “training” to become that animal’s caretaker!

With the animal chosen, have the child answer the following questions (with your help, if needed at their age):

  • What does your animal eat? How much does it eat each day?
  • How big is your animal?
  • Does your animal move fast or slow?
  • Can your animal fly?
  • Where does your animal live on land or in the water?
  • In what countries does your animal live in the wild?
  • What will you name your animal?

These questions won’t prepare your kid to become an actual zookeeper, but they will help them learn more about their favorite animal and collect some fun facts to share with friends!

For older kids, you can add to these questions with things like, “What time of day will you feed your animal?” and “How will you decorate your animal’s enclosure?”