Top 59 Things That Start With Y: Household Items, Toys, Clothing, etc

Various colors of rolled yarn

Y is one of the more uncommon letters of the alphabet, but there are still more than 50 things that start with it!

See the list below, plus an activity related to the things that start with Y.

Household Items

  1. Yardstick
  2. Yellow blanket
  3. Yarn
  4. Yeti cooler
  5. Yellow mug
  6. Yearbook
  7. Yellow pillow
  8. Yahtzee game
  9. Yellow plate
  10. Yellow bowl
  11. Yoga block
    foam block
  12. Yoga cushion
  13. Yellow chair
  14. Yosemite National Park souvenir
  15. Yellowstone National park souvenir
  16. Yoga mat
    cushioned mat with non-slip surface
  17. Yellow napkin
  18. Yellowstone National Park guidebook
  19. Yule log
  20. Yearly planner
  21. Yosemite National Park guidebook
  22. Yoga strap
    holding a strap helps you maintain yoga poses
  23. Yard sale signage
  24. Yoga towel
    helps keep yoga mats clean
  25. Yellow toaster


  1. Yo-yo
  2. Yellow dump truck
  3. Yeti plush
  4. Yoshi plush
    a character from Super Mario Bros.
  5. Yellow finger paint
  6. Yellow Play-Doh
  7. Yukon Cornelius plush
    a character from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  8. Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards
  9. Yellow school bus toy
  10. Yacht toy
  11. Yellow cab toy
  12. Yak plush
    similar to an ox
  13. Yellow rubber ducky
  14. Yoshi wind-up toy
  15. Yellow duck plush
  16. Yoshi’s Safari
    Nintendo game


  1. Yellow raincoat
  2. Yellow rubber boots
  3. Yoga pants
    stretchy pants
  4. Yellow peacoat
  5. Yankees hat
  6. Yellow t-shirt
  7. Yankees baseball jersey
  8. Yellow denim pants
  9. Yoga shirts
    athletic shirts
  10. Yellow pajamas
  11. Yankees baseball tee
  12. Yoga socks
    soles that grip and sometimes separate toes
  13. Yellow socks
  14. Yachting cap
    circular hat with a stiff visor worn by yacht captains
  15. Yellow robe

Expensive Items

  1. Yacht
    medium-sized boat
  2. Yeezy shoes
  3. Yurt-style luxury camping tent

Activity: Yarn Arts and Crafts

Yarn is great for more than just knitting and crochet! Consider the following types of yarn art and crafts:

  • Add texture to a painting. If you’ve painted a portrait, glue yarn on for hair; for a painting of a tree, add different colors of yarn for tree bark and leaves. The opportunities are endless!
  • Create a decorative corkboard. Get a corkboard and pins. Place the pins in a shape you like — roses, stars, hearts, or otherwise. String yarn between the pins until the shape is filled with color!
  • Make a decorative wall hanging. Find a stick or get a strip of wood. Attach a rope or piece of yarn as a hanger, then drape long strands of yarn in multiple colors, securing them to the wood by tying.
  • Make your own dryer balls. Dryer balls can be just as effective as dryer sheets at minimizing static! They’re also very easy to make. Simply start the ball by wrapping yarn around your fingers; switch directions every now and then so you wrap the yarn around itself. Wrap the ball in the cut foot of a pair of nylons to keep it together in the wash.

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