Top 163 Things That Start With B: Household Items, Toys, etc

Man carrying a backpack, which starts with the letter b

Whether you’re looking for show and tell ideas or just curious about which things start with “B,” we list more than 160 items below. We include definitions for things that might be unfamiliar to you.

Scroll past the list for a fun scavenger hunt activity using the list!

Household Items

The following items are everyday things that start with the letter B, which you can find around the house.

  1. Blanket
  2. Baseball cap
  3. Backpack
  4. Birthday candles
  5. Balloon
  6. Bottle
  7. Bookshelf
  8. Bedtime stories
  9. Bath mat:
  10. Baking pans
  11. Barbeque grill
  12. Bubble gum
  13. Bottle holder:
    fabric bag designed to hold a water bottle
  14. Baking sheet:
    flat metal sheet pan
  15. Baby blanket
  16. Bandana:
  17. Barrette:
    hair clip
  18. Baby monitor
  19. Bag
  20. Bakeware:
    items used for baking
  21. Baking utensils:
    whisks and spoons
  22. Basket
  23. Bar glasses
  24. Banana hanger:
    hook for hanging bananas to keep them fresh longer
  25. Band saw
  26. Bannister:
  27. Bottle rack:
    small shelf designed to hold bottles
  28. Beads
  29. Bassinette:
    a small bed for a baby
  30. Badge
  31. Bookbag:
    backpack or tote bag
  32. Bar cart
  33. Barbed wire
  34. Barbeque pit
  35. Barbeque utensils
  36. Baseball bat
  37. Basin:
  38. Baster:
    dispenses liquid
  39. Bath towel
  40. Bathroom air freshener
  41. Barware
  42. Bathroom cleaner
  43. Bathing cap
  44. Bandage
  45. Bulbs
  46. Babyproofing supplies
  47. Bath sponge
  48. Button punch:
    machine for making custom buttons or pins
  49. Bible
  50. Beanbag chair
  51. Box cutter:
    small tool designed for cutting cardboard
  52. Bath tissue:
    toilet paper
  53. Bathtub
  54. Bat box:
    wooden box similar to a birdhouse, but for bats
  55. Beachwear
  56. Bag organizer
  57. Bins:
  58. Bell
  59. Benadryl:
    allergy medication
  60. Bench
  61. Birdhouse
  62. Bento box:
    lunch box
  63. Beret:
  64. Binders:
  65. Bleach:
  66. Blu-ray player
  67. Broom
  68. Bucket
  69. Burglar alarm
  70. Burp cloths:
    cotton cloths for babies
  71. Buttons


The following toys and toy brands start with the letter B.

  1. Ball
  2. Bicycle
  3. Books
  4. Barbie
  5. Baby doll
  6. Baseball
  7. Basketball
  8. Bath toys
  9. Baby doll bottles
  10. Beanie Babies
  11. Baby doll carrier
  12. Beach bucket
  13. Bicycle bell
  14. Baby doll clothes
  15. Bingo cards
  16. Badminton set
  17. Baby doll stroller
  18. Build-A-Bear plush
  19. Board games
  20. Baby doll comb and brush set
  21. Bicycle horn
  22. Baby doll diaper bag
  23. Bubbles
  24. Baby doll pacifier
  25. Baby Shark bath toys
  26. Baby Shark puppets
  27. Baby Shark singing plush
  28. Baby doll bed
  29. Baking set
  30. Barbie Dreamhouse
  31. Bubble machine
  32. Basketball hoop
  33. Bear plush
  34. Beetle by Volkswagen car toy
  35. Beluga whale plush
  36. Bicycle basket
  37. Big Wheel:
    plastic tricycle with a larger front wheel
  38. Blaire Wilson by American Girl
  39. Blocks
  40. Boats
  41. Bug Box toy
  42. Bug’s World Educational Capture kit
  43. Battlebots Arena by Hexbug
  44. Bulldozer


You can even find Bs in your closet! These clothing items and accessories start with B:

  1. Bathing suit
  2. Boots
  3. Belt
  4. Blazer
  5. Blouse
  6. Boxer shorts
  7. Band tee:
    t-shirt bearing the logo or image of a musical artist
  8. Button-down shirt
  9. Business pants
  10. Business shirt
  11. Beanie:
    type of hat
  12. Bathrobe
  13. Baseball tee:
    long sleeve t-shirt with darker sleeves
  14. Ballet flats:
    women’s shoes with no heel
  15. Bikini:
    type of swimsuit
  16. Basketball shoes
  17. Belt buckle
  18. Ballet shoes:
    shoes for ballet dancers
  19. Baseball cleats
  20. Basketball shorts
  21. Bra
  22. Bell-bottom jeans:
    jeans with flared legs
  23. Biker jacket:
    leather jacket
  24. Bell-sleeve top:
    top with flared arms
  25. Bermuda shorts:
    almost knee-length shorts
  26. Bike shorts:
    mid-length shorts for biking
  27. Boat shoes:
    flat shoes with rubber soles
  28. Bonnet
  29. Bowler hat
  30. Bowtie
  31. Business shoes
  32. Balaclava:
    ski mask
  33. Bowling shirt
  34. Bowling shoes
  35. Bolo tie:
    tie made from a cord and an ornamental fastener
  36. Bolero jacket:
    short, tailored men’s jacket

Expensive Items

Big spenders might own the following high-value items that start with the letter B:

  1. Ballgown
  2. Bracelet made of gold or sterling silver
  3. Bridal gown
  4. Bridesmaid dress
  5. Books that are rare or first edition
  6. Badgley Mischka shoes
  7. Badgley Mischka dresses
  8. Badgley Mischka handbags
  9. Bass boat:
    small boat for bass fishing
  10. Bay boat:
    for low-profile, inshore fishing
  11. Bowrider:
    a boat with seats in the bow area
  12. Bugatti cars

Activity: Scavenger Hunt

While you might not have a Bugatti parked in your driveway, you’re sure to find many of the items on our list around your own house!

For a fun way to use our list and fill an afternoon, conduct a scavenger hunt for the items.

Follow these steps to participate:

  • Decide your scoring system. Will you count the number of items you find, or award more points for rare and unusual items? The scoring system is entirely up to you and can be as simple or complicated as you choose! Just be sure all participants know the rules before you play.
  • Print a copy of our list for each person who wants to play. You’ll need a copy of the list, so you know what to look for while you hunt. With a printed copy, you can check items off as you go.
  • Search the house for items on the list. Leave no corner unsearched! Our list includes items from the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, closet, and even the garage or backyard. You can cross the items off the list or snap photos to prove that you found them. We don’t recommend gathering all of the items together, though — with well over 100 on our list, you could end up with a pretty big pile!
  • Offer a prize to the person who finds the most items or earns the most points! The prize can be anything you want, from a handmade victory crown to a meal from your favorite restaurant to something small that you already have around the house (like a sweet treat).