Top 117 Things That Start With H: Toys, Tools, Clothing, etc

Colorful handbags on display in a closet

We list over 100 things that start with H below. Plus, scroll past the list for an activity that makes use of an “H” item.

Household items

  1. Hairbrush
  2. Hangers
  3. Hair dryer
  4. Hamper
    clothes bin
  5. Headphones
    used for individual listening
  6. Handbag
  7. Hair dye
  8. Half-gallon container
  9. Hairspray
    keeps hair in place
  10. Handkerchief
  11. Hairstyling gel
  12. Headboard
    head of a bed
  13. Hand soap
  14. Hairstyling mousse
  15. Hanging plant
    plant suspended by a hanger
  16. Heel scrubber
    removes dry skin and callouses from feet
  17. Heating pad
    used to apply heat to an injury
  18. Handrail
  19. Hair clip
  20. Hand warmers
  21. Halo light
    ring-shaped light
  22. Houseplant
    indoor plant
  23. Hair curler
  24. Headache wrap
    forehead wrap that helps headache pain
  25. Hair shears
    specialized scissors for cutting hair
  26. Helmet for adults
    protects the head when riding bikes or motorcycles
  27. High chair
    kitchen chair for babies
  28. History books
  29. Hairnet
    keeps loose hair tidy
  30. Hand-stitched needlepoint pillow
  31. “Home Sweet Home” sign
  32. Hearing aids
  33. Hallmark greeting card
  34. Hand sanitizer
  35. Hammock
    a swing
  36. Handbasket
    small basket
  37. Handcart
    a small cart
  38. Hanky
    cloth tissue
  39. Hairpiece
  40. Hairpin
    helps keep a hat on your head
  41. Hourglass
    measures passing time
  42. Hubcap
    metal or plastic cover from a car’s wheel
  43. Humidifier
    releases moisture into the air
  44. Hurricane lamp
    oil lamp
  45. Hydrogen peroxide


  1. Hand puppet
    a soft puppet that you move by placing your hand inside
  2. Hot Wheels cars
  3. Hula hoop
    large hoop that spins around the waist
  4. Hacky sack
  5. Harmonica
  6. Harry Potter DVDs
  7. Helmet
    protects the head from injury
  8. Hansel and Gretel storybook
  9. Harry Potter books
  10. Horse toys by Breyer
  11. Harry Potter toys
  12. Horseshoes
    outdoor throwing game
  13. Human skeletal system model
  14. Hippopotamus toy
  15. Hobbit action figures
  16. Horse plush
  17. Hula skirt
  18. Hobbit LEGO set
  19. Hungry Hungry Hippos game
  20. Hog plush


  1. Hammer
  2. Hex key
    Allen wrench
  3. Hatchet
    a small ax with a short handle
  4. Hand rake
  5. Hand saw
  6. Hand drill
  7. Hacking knife
    short-blade knife
  8. Hoe
    long-handled garden tool
  9. Hose
  10. Hacksaw
    fine-toothed saw for cutting metal
  11. Handloom
    used for weaving fabric by hand
  12. Hitch
    for towing
  13. Hand mower
    manual lawn mower
  14. Half-round chisel
    semicircular cutter
  15. Hackle
    metal comb with pointed, needle-like teeth


  1. Hat
  2. Hooded sweatshirt
  3. Halloween costume
  4. Halter top
    a shirt that ties at the neck
  5. Headband
  6. High-top shoes
    athletic shoes that cover the ankle
  7. Henley shirt
    a shirt with buttons at the neck
  8. Hiking boots
  9. High-heel shoes
  10. Half slip
    slip worn under skirts
  11. High waist
    also called empire
  12. Handkerchief skirt
    a skirt with asymmetrical hem
  13. Hand-knit scarf
  14. Hand-knit sweater
  15. Harem pants
    gathered ankles and waist
  16. Hawaiian shirt
    shirt with tropical print
  17. Headdress
    head covering
  18. Herringbone jacket
    a jacket made of twill fabric with a herringbone pattern
  19. Hijab
  20. Hosiery
  21. Hiphuggers
    pants with the waistband at the hips
  22. Hobble skirt
    a skirt with a narrow hem
  23. Hollywood waist
    waistband with an elastic back and side zipper or button
  24. Hoop skirt
    worn under long dresses; keeps dress away from the body
  25. Housecoat

Expensive Items

  1. Harry Winston jewelry
  2. Harley Davidson motorcycles
  3. Hermes watches
  4. Halston designer clothes
  5. Hermes home furnishings
  6. Haute couture
    high-end designer clothes
  7. Halston accessories
  8. Hermes jewelry
  9. Herringbone chain
    gold necklace
  10. Hermes perfume
  11. Hammond organ
  12. Herve Gambs French fragrances

Activity: DIY Hand Puppet

It’s easy to make your own hand puppet out of a sock, fabric, or paper! We include instructions for each type below.

  • Sock hand puppet: This is the easiest option, but leaves you the fewest character options since it is one shape. All you need to do to make it is to take a sock and glue on eyes, hair, a mouth, and any other features you’d like to include.
  • Fabric hand puppet: With fabric, you have more control than a sock over the shape and style of your puppet. Simply cut two identical shapes out of fabric and glue or sew them together to make your puppet! Add things like hair, eyes, buttons, and other features as you wish.
  • Paper hand puppet: To make a paper hand puppet, cut four identical squares of paper. Take two of the pieces of cut paper and glue or staple them on three sides. Do the same with the other two squares. One square will hold your thumb, and the other will hold your other four fingers. Attach the two hand pockets — they should open up like a mouth. You can then add eyes, ears, a nose, a tongue, and any other features you’d like!

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