Top 73 Things That Start With I: Toys, Clothing, etc

Close-up of woman's hands holding an iPad, which starts with "i"

A variety of household items start with the letter I, and there are also toys and clothing items you can find that start with this letter.

Find more than 70 items listed below, or scroll past our list for an activity related to the things that start with I!

Household Items

  1. iPad
    Apple tablet
  2. Ignition key
    starts a vehicle
  3. Internet router
    provides Wi-Fi
  4. Index card
    small piece of cardstock paper
  5. Iodized salt
    salt that contains a small amount of iodine
  6. Ice pack
    frozen pack to treat injuries or keep groceries cool
  7. Insulated thermos
    keeps food hot or cold
  8. Ice cube tray
    tray for freezing individual ice cubes
  9. Ice cream scoop
    utensil used to scoop ice cream
  10. Ice
    frozen water
  11. Insect zapper
    pest control light that attracts and electrocutes bugs
  12. Ice chest
  13. Interior decorations
    decorations inside of a building
  14. Identification bracelet
    bracelet with one’s personal identification information
  15. Ice maker
    machine that makes ice
  16. Inkjet printer
    prints by using jets of ink
  17. Inkjet cartridge
    inkjet printer component containing ink
  18. Incense
    burning fragrance
  19. Ice bucket
    container for ice; keeps drinks cold
  20. Identification tag
    tag someone wears with personal identification information
  21. Illustrations
  22. Insulation
    keeps heat inside
  23. Inhaler
    breathable medicine
  24. Inspirational books
    books meant to inspire or motivate the reader
  25. Insulin pump
    administers insulin
  26. Icing tips
    used with pastry bags to pipe icing designs onto baked goods
  27. Invoice
  28. Igloo cooler
    insulated container; keep contents cold longer
  29. Ink
    colored fluid used for writing, drawing, or printing
  30. Iodine
  31. Icing spreader
    special spatula for frosting baked goods
  32. Ink pad
    pad of ink for use with rubber stamps
  33. Instant camera
  34. Ideabook
    notebook for storing creative ideas or project plans
  35. iPod
    stores and plays songs and music videos
  36. Ivy
    type of houseplant
  37. Insulating tape
    protects electrical conductors
  38. Irish linen
    linen produced with materials from Ireland
  39. Ivory soap
    bar soap
  40. Iron
    strong, hard metal
  41. Iron gate
  42. Ice axe
    safety tool for ice climbing and mountaineering
  43. Irish tweed
    sturdy, woolen fabric made in Ireland
  44. Iridescent glass
    rainbow colors on glass
  45. Ironing board
    cloth-covered board used for ironing
  46. Ironstone dishware
    a type of pottery
  47. Isopropyl alcohol
    rubbing alcohol
  48. Inspirational art
    art created to inspire or motivate others
  49. Irish pottery
    written by Irish poets
  50. Ipecac syrup
    syrup that treats poisoning


  1. Inline skates
    skates with wheels in a single line
  2. Ice skates
    skates with a blade attached to the bottom for gliding on ice
  3. Iron-on patches
    decorative patches you iron onto clothing
  4. I SPY game
    game of searching for specific objects
  5. Itsy Bitsy Spider book
    children’s nursery rhyme
  6. Instruments
    used to make music
  7. Incredible Hulk action figure
  8. INCH the Inchworm Ty Beanie Baby
    soft toy inchworm filled with pellets
  9. Inchworm musical toy
    inchworm toy that makes music
  10. itty bittys Harry Potter plush
    soft toy Harry Potter
  11. itty bittys Harry Potter Quidditch plush pair (Harry and Draco)
    soft toy Harry and Draco
  12. itty bittys Minecraft Steve plush
    soft toy Steve
  13. itty bittys Sesame Street Big Bird plush
    soft toy Big Bird
  14. Inchworm riding toy by Radio Flyer
    bounce-and-go motion toy
  15. Innovative Kids puzzles
  16. Infinitoy ZOOB
    building blocks and pieces
  17. Infinitoy Quizmo
    electronic spelling quiz


  1. Indoor shoes
  2. Insulated boots
    help to keep feet warm
  3. “I Love NY” t-shirt
  4. Ironed shirt
  5. IZOD polo shirt
    dressy-casual sporty shirt
  6. Inverness
    type of cloak

Activity: Making Infused Ice Cubes

Infused ice cubes relate to two of the items on our list: ice cubes and ice cube trays.

Making infused ice cubes is simple — you just need an ice cube tray, water, and whatever flavors you want to add to the ice cubes!

Infused ice cubes can include fruit, vegetables, and herbs. You can chop, dice, juice, or puree your ingredients before mixing them with water and freezing them in an ice cube tray.

The less water you add, the stronger the flavor of the ice cubes will be, especially if using juice or puree. You can even add no water at all if you’re using fruit or vegetable juice!

Typical flavors and ingredient combinations include pineapple, lemon-mint, pomegranate, lemon-cucumber, blackberry-mint, peach, lemon-orange-basil, raspberry, watermelon-lime, and strawberry.

You can choose any combination of ingredients that you like to suit your taste — even coffee ice cubes to add to your iced coffee!

Once frozen, infused ice cubes will not only chill your drink but look a lot cooler than normal ice cubes in your glass and offer a subtle flavor that intensifies slowly as the ice cubes melt!

Add them to plain water, sparkling water, lemonade, iced tea, or any other cold beverage.

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