Top 71 Things That Start With J: Clothing, Household Items, etc

Close-up of jewelry box full of jewelry

Below, we list more than 70 things that start with the letter J, from objects you can find around the house to rarities and luxuries.

Beneath the list, find an activity related to one of the items.

Household Items

  1. Jug
  2. Jar
  3. Juicer:
    grinds fresh fruit to make juice
  4. Jewelry box
  5. Juniper-scented lotion
  6. Journal
  7. Jumper cables:
    used to start a car battery
  8. Jungle Book movie on DVD or Blu-ray
  9. Jalopy:
    old car
  10. Jasmine plant
  11. Jazz music CDs
  12. Jam jars
  13. Joystick:
    type of gaming controller
  14. Jelly bean plant
  15. Jigsaw:
    portable power saw
  16. Joke book
  17. Jello mold
  18. Jack:
    lifts heavy objects such as cars
  19. J.R.R. Tolkien books
  20. Jackhammer
  21. Jade plant
  22. Juniper shrub


  1. Jump rope
  2. Jigsaw puzzle
  3. Jurassic World roaring dinosaurs by Mattel
  4. Jeep Wrangler toy car
  5. Jaguar plush:
    stuffed wildcat
  6. Jacks:
    metal jacks and a red ball
  7. Jack-in-the-box toy
  8. Jacob’s Ladder:
    wooden toy
  9. Jewelry-making kit
  10. Jurassic Park action figures
  11. Jackrabbit plush
  12. Jasmine from Aladdin costume
  13. Jasmine from Aladdin figurine
  14. Jeep electric vehicles for kids
  15. Jenga:
    building game with wooden blocks
  16. Jet model:
    toy airplane
  17. Jewelry dress-up sets
  18. Joey plush:
    baby kangaroo plush
  19. Judo costume:
    martial arts costume
  20. Jail costume
  21. Juggling balls:
    a set of three balls to juggle
  22. Jumping Jack:
    wooden puppet
  23. Jungle animals set
  24. Jurassic Park DVD or Blu-ray disc
  25. Jurassic World R/C vehicle:
    remote control Jeep


  1. Jacket
  2. Jeans:
    denim pants
  3. Jean shorts:
    denim shorts
  4. Jewelry
  5. Jeggings:
    leggings that look like jeans
  6. Jogging shoes
  7. Jumper dress:
    sleeveless, collarless dress worn over a shirt
  8. Jean jacket:
    denim jacket
  9. Jillaba:
    long, loose-fitting robe with long sleeves
  10. Jersey:
    sports shirt
  11. Jammies:
  12. Jogging suit:
  13. Jumpsuit:
    one-piece clothing
  14. Jasper stone necklace:
    chain with a stone pendant
  15. Jodhpurs:
    pants with an ankle cuff
  16. Jadeite jewelry:
    costume jewelry with green stones

Expensive Items

  1. Jewels
  2. Jewelry from a luxury brand
  3. Jeep:
    brand of vehicle
  4. Jaguar:
    brand of vehicle
  5. Jet Ski:
    brand of personal watercraft
  6. Jade:
    precious green stones
  7. Jersey signed by a famous hockey player
  8. Jet:

Activity: Starting a Daily Journal

Of all of the things that start with J on our list, journals are one of the most special; they’re a great way to preserve memories and track your personal growth.

However, it can be challenging to keep a journal. Our lives are busy, and many people have attempted to start a journal, only to abandon it after a week!

Whether that describes you exactly or you’ve never tried journaling before, we have some tips for starting (and maintaining) a daily journal below.

  • Choose paper or digital. Beautiful leather-bound notebooks are what we traditionally think of when we think of journals. However, if you don’t want the clutter of keeping several physical diaries for years or just prefer to type rather than hand-write, consider a digital journal. (Just be sure to back it up — technology can be less reliable than paper at saving your work!)
  • Set a theme for your journal. Do you want to recount the details of the day, or make more introspective observations, like what you’re thankful for? Decide what you want to write about each day before you start so you’ll never feel stuck.
  • Pick a time and set a timer. Perhaps you want to start your day by journaling about the previous day or end your day with a few minutes of journaling before bed. Decide when you want to write and how long you want to spend on journaling, so it becomes a part of your routine.
  • Mark your entries with date and place. You’ll appreciate this when you look back on your journal entries later. You can read them in chronological order and have a more vivid recollection of what your life was like at that moment — whether you were at your first apartment, a campground in a different state, on a plane for a work trip, or elsewhere!